Top 7 Places You Can Travel Safely in 2021 - Best Places To Travel in 2021

Since many of us still have a long way to go in the grip of epidemics and vaccines, traveling for fun may seem like the best stupid, worst, most dangerous. However, one thing we do know is that this condition does not last forever. For some of us, escaping can take weeks. For others, it may be the middle or end of the year.


Sliding, surfing, climbing, seeing northern lights, and spotting polar bears. Selected cuisine, world-class shopping, diverse and rich culture. This is Canada. The 13 provinces and territories, the second-largest country in the world in terms of total land area, are suitable for all types of tourists.

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Nature lovers will find solace in the mountains, glaciers, waterfalls, and Atlantic or Pacific beaches, while Michelin-starred restaurants and wall-to-ceiling key locations will not be the norm. Nightlife seekers can find clubs in Vancouver, Montreal, and Vancouver, but the small towns of Edmonton and Calgary also know how to play.


In March 2020, the perennial popularity of Italy, which became the global epicenter of the epidemic, made headlines for all the wrong reasons - after controlling the infection rate more than most European countries in the summer, its aging population suffered severely again by The second wave. 


But nothing can diminish the attraction in Italy, and as the boundaries are relaxed, this will be the time to see the maximum. Prior to the outbreak, art cities in Italy were the center of a notorious tourism boom. But for many years the number of visitors was not expected to return to the 2019 level, so those who can do it safely, 2021 will be given the opportunity to watch Bell Pace in a way that has not been possible for decades.

Dubai - UAE

Holiday planning for 2021 may seem like a roll of the dice, but a trip to Dubai is a safer place as well as a safer bet for many. Almost all global travelers are now welcome in the United Arab Emirates and you can enjoy the relative peace of mind while you are there with full security checks and protocols by Emirates. Emirates Airlines, the flag bearer of the United Arab Emirates, offers Covid-19 free global coverage for health and quarantine expenses, while Atlantis, a well-known ocean-themed luxury resort, covers your Covid trial if you stay overnight. 

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You will be given a vacation loan. Its billion-dollar sister hotel, Royal, is also set to open its doors in 2021. The long-awaited Expo 2020 Dubai 2021 has been redesigned from October 2022 to October 2021 and will be the first World Expo to be held in the Middle East as a spectacular mega event. Visitors can expect world-class architecture, spectacular shows, and a food festival.


Egypt seems to have an infinite supply of ancient wonders. 2021 could be a year to show them all to a world hungry for cultural discoveries. Many of Egypt's most prestigious artifacts are expected to receive a bright new home this year at the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) near the site of the Pyramids of Giza.



If we restore it in 2021, there will be many more reasons to celebrate Greece - it marks its 200th birthday. February-March marks the official anniversary of the 1821 Revolution, the beginning of the War of Independence against the Ottoman Empire, but parties and events marking the biennial are expected - Kovid Permission - throughout the year. The picturesque harbor in the Peloponnese, southwest of Athens, was a good place to celebrate - it was the first capital of modern Greece.

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The beaches, as well as the surrounding ancient sites, include the magnificent Epidaurus Amphitheater and the ruins of Mycenae, the Palamidi Fortress on the top of the Naphlio Mountains, a secluded beach, and a bead museum especially suitable for this time. Beyond Naphli, Peloponnese is worth exploring. With fewer tourists than most hotspots in Greece, they are specially tailored for social distance, especially in the wild and mountainous Money Peninsula.

Much of Greece, which takes health issues very seriously, seemed to be doing well with creating a Kovid-safe guest experience in the summer of 2020. Many European destinations became infected with the virus much later.


With the cancellation of the 2020-2021 Antarctic cruise season, we are eager to make our biggest travel dreams come true. Antarctica, one of the most distant destinations on Earth, is not an easy (or affordable) endeavor under the best conditions. Perhaps the difficulty may be part of the attraction - the Seventh Continent is at the top of many tourist wish lists.


The striking white desert, with its dramatic, snow-capped peaks and spectacular turquoise waters, as well as exotic wildlife including the Penguin Emperor and the Weddell Seal are truly a lifetime experience. The most exciting addition to the area in 2021 will be a solar eclipse on December 4, which will darken the continent and create a major event for the trumpets of Antarctic ships.


Hawaii is underestimated. This is despite the ever-increasing popularity among tourists. Sure, it's a beautiful place with beautiful sunshine and sunset, and every beach looks even more beautiful next door, but its beauty goes much deeper than its predecessor. Unusual beaches - some boast of black and green sand (Papachelia Beach and Punalusu Beach, respectively) - have their desired appeal, but visitors who take the time to get away from the beach find Hawaii attractive everywhere.



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