Things To know About This Largest Cathedral In Italy - Milan Duomo

Milano Duomo Cathedral
Milano Duomo Cathedral

We know that Milan Cathedral or Duomo (for Cathedral in Italian) is a symbol of Lombardy's capital. We know you can't take a photo in front of it without being like an ant.

But what about the little-known information about this architectural marvel? Here are five interesing and incredible facts about Milan Cathedral that you may not be aware of.

It took 6 centuries to make the Duomo.

We all know that Italians like to spend their time and enjoy life, but Milanese has an endless saying: "It's like Fabrica del Duomo!". The construction began here in 1386 and was not completed until the 19th century. This is one of the reasons why it is one of the largest churches in Italy.

But when you look at the Cathedral, it's worth a wait - there are 34,000 statues inside and out, 135 spears, 55 stained glass windows, and 150 gargoyles.

The works of art cover an area of ​​11,700 square meters (125,937 feet). Thousands of artists, sculptors, and specialists from around the world were involved in bringing it to life.

Panoramic View of Milano Duomo Cathedral
Panoramic View of Milano Duomo Cathedral

Madonna holds a weapon to protect herself from the elements.

The Golden Madonna, or "Little Madonna", located on the famous roof of Duomo since 1774, has been in court over modern Milan. At 108.5 meters (365 feet) high, she protects the city not only from evil spirits but also from elements.

The original statue was damaged by rain and thunder and was preserved in the Duomo Museum in the 1960s. Today, she has a new frame made of stainless steel and copper sheets.

Madonna keeps a lightning rod hidden in her halberd (A weapon similar to an ax) to protect her when it rains.

Madonna holds a weapon to protect herself from the elements

Archaeological ruins remain under Duomo.

In Roman times, when Milan was called Mediolanum, there were two churches and a baptismal site at Duomo. The baptismal basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, Santa Tecla, and San Giovanni Ela Fonti was here.

Baptism was the first octagonal baptism in Christianity and was baptized by St. Ambrose on St. Augustine 397 Easter Sunday. Part of the Cathedral of the Seat.

The largest organ in Italy is the main altar at Duomo.

Cathedral is the largest (musical) organ in Italy. The Milan Cathedral, located on the main altar, has 15,800 pipes to the organ and 4 cases to the organ. Some of the tools are more than 9 meters high, and the smallest ones measure only a few centimeters.

The expansive doors that cover the pipes are works of art adorned with Old and New Testament scenes. 

St. Bartholomew does not have the right clothes.

At first glance, the statue of St. Bartholomew of Duomo is wrapped in a long, plain cloth. But there is more to this famous soul donor than meets the eye.

Believers know that the disciple performed his end in a, particularly horrible way. Curious? If you walk behind the sidewalk, you will notice that the coat he is wearing is natural - but not the fabric.

The Right Clothes of St Bartholomew
The Right Clothes of St Bartholomew



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