Top 5 most beautiful and attractive islands in ITALY

About 350 islands around Italy's originally shaped beaches offer everything from volcanoes covered in pine trees to staggered waters. Here are the top five according to global travelers.


The butterfly-shaped, charismatic Favignana is the largest of the Aegadian Islands in Italy. The archipelago is just a short walk from the west coast of Sicily. The water here is blue, and the rocks cover every quiet, quiet layer, and the island is very small, so you can easily rent a bike and bicycle along the dusty roads from the beach to the beach.


Cala Rosa is the most famous bay, framed by eroded limestone pillars in the ocean and coral reefs. End the day with a traditional local tuna dish; Before Tourism Day, tuna fishing is the way Favignana residents make their living, so tuna couscous is a must.


Elba, known as Napoleon's Exile, is a mountainous island off the coast of Tuscany. Here you will find bright-clear water, fragrant beaches with fine, white sand, fragrant pine forests, and bougainvillea sprouting everywhere. For active sports, mountain biking, mountaineering, and snooker are popular pastimes.

Elba italy

Those who like a relaxing getaway can enjoy the golden sunset, fill it with local antipasti and gelato, and walk around the White Marina in the capital, Portoferraio.


The Aeolian Islands, a group of beautiful volcanic islands in the Tyrrhenian Sea north of Sicily, feature craters, mud baths, peaceful meadows, and deep orange sunsets. It is the largest of the islands, the Lipari Industrial Estate, with its pebbles and year-round population.

15th Century Lipari Castle is located on a rocky outcrop overlooking the old city, and Baroque churches are adorned with murals and Renaissance art. Be sure to walk along the coastal trail between the kaolin rocks of Terme di San Calogero and Bagnoseco for breathtaking views and air of rosemary, capture, and hibiscus.

Lipari italy


Ischia Naples Bay, a volcanic island celebrated for its mineral-rich thermal waters and its soft golden sandy beaches, is a little-known beauty. The hairstyles and vineyards' 789-meter contour landscape revolves around a volcanic, covered pine tree on the north coast. The restaurant is carved into the rocks.

Before heading to Ischia Porto or Ischia Ponte for a fresh seafood dinner and Muscolino (a rocket-based local liqueur), rent a boat from the Forio on the north coast and anchor in secluded places on the beach. Green leaves).

Ischia italy

On the south coast, Santa Angelo, a whitewashed fishing village, is a must-see, with car-free streets, restaurant-lined terraces, and the beautiful Chia de Rose beach near the marina.


Procida's pocket-sized island is a relatively undiscovered delight in the Gulf of Naples, and its sunshine is the backdrop for films including Il Postino and The Talented Mr. Ripley. Life here enjoys the gentle rhythm of drinking espresso in the morning with the locals (also try the island's popular 'lingua' - lemon flavored and creamy pastries), beach day, and evening appetizers.

Procida italy

You can walk anywhere; It is a central mountain village built to protect the island from pirates, from the main port of Marina Ground to Terra Murata. To appreciate the island's natural beauty, explore the countryside covered with lemon groves, the streets lined with bougainvillea and jasmine, and the volcanic black sand beaches on the coast.


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