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Albania is not so well known in the Balkans and it would be like being a holiday destination. However, for those who have traveled through this beautiful country, it is a place they would love to visit again and again.

Once you've been to Albania, full of scenic landscapes and beautiful historical architecture, you may wonder why you've never been there before. A trip to Albania will make you fall in love with adventure, travel and exploration and quench your thirst.

Explore Beautiful Berat

This 2,400-year-old ancient city is under UNESCO control. It is known as one of the proudest creations of Albanian architecture.

beautiful berat

A powerful palace overlooks the Mangalemi neighborhood, and it is this view that brings Berat its second name: the city's floating windows. Mangalamai Neighborhood is a house built on a hillside, and it looks like all the windows are stacked one by one. The beautiful scenery resembles something from a fairy tale book, and the view from the other side of the river is amazing. It will recreate you as it grasps your gaze and moves you into the scene in front of you.

Ride a cable car through Tirana

Tirana is a unique capital city that should be on every tourist list. It is full of nostalgia for the past through buildings reminiscent of Ottoman rule as well as more recent communist history.


There are plenty of galleries and museums to explore and enjoy. A trip through Tirana will amaze you with the human-made and natural beauty that this city offers. From the lush canopies of the forest to the tall and proud city buildings, you will be amazed to see the stunning landscape below as you sail along the cable route.

Visit the Blue Eye

Seeing the blue eye in this beautiful country is an experience you will never forget. It is amazing to see this amazing scenic natural phenomenon. No one knows how deep the blue eye goes. For this reason, it is a special experience.

Blue Eye

You are not officially allowed to dive into this beautiful clear water, and often people cannot avoid diving.

Take a trip to Gjirokaster.

Gijerocaster recalls the age of Ottoman rule in Albania. It is a small town at first glance. Tourists are welcome due to the fort's bold structure, which stretches across the landscape and can be seen almost everywhere in the city. It is surrounded by small lanes and streets with narrow and winding lines.


Slate gray roofs are unique to the city. In addition to the fort, another place to explore here is the beautifully renovated Skanduli Palace. It is an impressive building and a proud example of Ottoman architecture. Overall, a day spent exploring JijeroCaster will feel like an adventure from the history books.

Relax on the amazing beach

Albania, which has been cut off from the world for decades during communist rule, has begun to emerge as a tourist destination in recent years. For this reason, many landscapes and beauties of the country have a raw and untouched feel to it.

The beaches are no different. The country's coastline is crowded with large beaches, and there are other secluded places to walk. The soft golden sand meets the beautiful crunchy and clear seawater, creating a paradise you can dream of.

Soak in Benja Hot Springs

Benja Hot Springs is an amazing heat bath. They are located under a bridge that dates back to the Middle Ages.

This shows that Benja Hot Springs has been attracting visitors for centuries and many locals believe that crystal blue water has healing properties. Visit this glorious place in the Permeti region and experience a relaxing and therapeutic morning in a natural spa setting.


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