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Tourists have discovered neighbouring countries like India and Nepal, and the Kingdom of Bhutan is somehow hidden behind a mysterious screen.

Bhutan, with its natural reserves and monastic monasteries, is often considered a peaceful and peaceful destination. Bhutan has a rich cultural heritage, lively traditional festivals and forests protected by law. It is worth noting that Bhutan can only be explored through guided tours organized by the Bhutan Travel Agency. But you can request to visit specific websites and create a customized travel route. Do you need inspiration for your trip to Bhutan?  

We have selected 6 of the most attractive places to visit in this high empire.

Punakha Suspension Bridge

The Poonaka Suspension Bridge, which hangs along the Poona Tsang Chu River, is a marvel of engineering. At 160 meters, the Poonaka is one of the longest suspension bridges in Bhutan and is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular.

Punakha Suspension Bridge

As Poonaka walks across the suspension bridge, the roaring Poona flows beneath the Tsang Chu River and can be seen around central Bhutan's mountains. The Poonaka Suspension Bridge is the only stone that holds a riverbank from the 17th-century fort Poonaka Dong.


The first stop on your unforgettable Bhutanese adventure trip is Thimphu, the most populous and largest city in South Asia. Thimphu sits in a sandwiched valley between rolling hills in the western part of Bhutan. The city is made up of historical complexes that functioned as a fortress and a monastery and are so familiar to Bhutan.


The Deccan Fordrang Monastery is not to be missed as it is home to some 12th-century paintings and grand monastery buildings. The Chaghari Dorjadan Monastery, located on a hillside north of Thimphu, is also worth a 20 km drive. If you are in Thimphu on the weekends, don't forget to explore the weekend market. This is the best way to experience the local culture. You can buy a traditional craft or snack for local delicacies like cheese and honey.

Mount Jomolhari

Bhutan is home to several prominent peaks, and Mount Jomolhari is a prime example. Situated at an altitude of 7326 m above sea level, this mountain is located on the border of Tibet and can be seen from a distance. It's a holy grail for crazy fans.

The mountaineering experience in an alpine environment is essential because the whole trip takes at least a week and the oxygen level along the way is very low. You can choose from various routes known as the Jomolhari Trek, the Jomolhari Loop Trek and the Jomolhari Base Camp Track. The 10-day Jomolhari trek takes climbers up to 5,000 meters. The loop track lasts 7 days and starts from the Gunitsawa settlement.


Trongsa is a city located in Bhutan's heart, about 200 km east of the capital city of Thimphu. With several palaces and an influential heritage museum, the city's traditional Bhutanese architecture shines through.


A great place to start a trip to Trongsa is Tronsa Dong, the historic seat of Bhutan's kings. In this 17th century complex, you can explore the courtyard and appreciate the impressive architecture and ornaments. Trongsa Dong still functions as a monastery.

Dochula Pass

Dochula Pass combines fantastic scenery of great religious significance. This alpine route is about 1 km from Thimphu. Stay tuned for an exciting tour of the 108 stupas at the top of this hill, the Druk Wangal Chortens.

A walk will allow you to explore all 108 stupas built to commemorate the 108 Bhutanese soldiers who died in the 2003 war with India. Throughout the collection of stupas, Druk Wangal Monastery is a beautiful place to see classic Bhutanese architecture. You can clearly see the delicate gold leaf details and windows with hand-carved decorations when you take a closer look.

Jigme Dorji National Park

This protected reserve covers more than 4,300 square kilometres and is located in northwestern Bhutan on the border with Tibet. Jigme Dorjee National Park has various sub-climates and landscapes, from the eastern Himalayas to the rainforests. 

Jigme Dorji National Park

This area is home to small communities with people living on crops and animal husbandry. Some of Jigme Dorje's activities include forest walks, wildlife safaris and mountaineering amidst alpine scenery. Jigme Dorje National Park is truly a natural resource and home to incredibly rare animals. Both the snow leopard and the Bengal leopard live in the park, making this unique place of worship for nature lovers.


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