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Singapore is a city full of many wonderful things to see and do, and choosing a few is no easy task. The best destination for the whole family to enjoy in Singapore. Singapore Flyers are as high as you can believe, Future Parks in the Bay, Amazing Views of the Singapore Sky - It's hard to list favourites.

There are many attractions in Singapore. Every place can be a favorite when it comes to attractions. Explore this tiny island with incredible contrasts, breathtaking gastronomic and shopping malls and vast ethnic diversity. Here are some amazing things to see and do in Singapore during your visit. 

Universal Studios

Universal Studios is the first theme park to open in Southeast Asia. The park has several themed regions such as Madagascar, Lost World, Ancient Egypt, Far far away, Hollywood and New York.

universal studios

There are more than 20 attractions between these regions. Two riders are water-themed, and five roller coasters are lit. One of the two is currently considered the tallest 'dowing' roller coaster in the world.

Singapore Flyer

The Singapore Flyer is the second largest observation wheel in the world, with a height of over 165 meters and offers breathtaking views of the city, the sea and neighbouring islands beyond the city. 

Singapore Flyer

You can get a clear view of Raffles Place, Marina Bay, Singapore River Empire Place, Padan and a bird's eye view of Malaysia and Indonesia.

Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by Bay is a huge future park in the Bay Area of ​​Singapore. It was actually crowned the 'World Building of the Year' at the 2012 World Architecture Festival.

Gardens by the Bay

The most intriguing feature of the park is the well-known superstructure. The cool mountainous climate here brings to life the breathtaking sky built over the gardens on the massive sea-shaped greenhouses. There are hundreds of plants and lush greens to discover and love. Gardens Bay Bay is a wonderful destination for the whole family and one of the top things to see in Singapore.

Clarke Quay

Visit bars, restaurants and incredible shops in a hurry to develop this joyous river. Clark Quay is built near a beautiful body of water coming from the city's main river. Go ahead and enjoy the Alfresco style dining area with an endless variety of food and drinks around the waterfront.

Clarke Quay

Future, a jelly-like roof offers endless fun and the shopping options are mind-boggling, and you need someone to carry your things. The abundance of bars and clubs here makes it an ideal place for many locals and tourists alike.

Singapore Botanical Gardens

Botanic Garden Open at 5 a.m. until midnight. Whenever you have the opportunity to see your sights, you can explore these amazing parks.

Let the Virgin Rainforest embrace you with its green gift. Explore 1,000 incredible orchid species and hybrids in the National Orchid Garden. The Singapore Botanic Gardens is a bucolic retreat for dogs, joggers and Tai Chi professionals in Singapore cities.

Singapore Night Safari

Singapore night safaris give the nocturnal world of animals an extraordinary view of their own habitats. The 20-minute' Creatures of the Night' exhibition offers an excellent overview of the animals on safari.

Singapore Night Safari

We recommend you check it out before going on safari. There are 6 tram safaris and walking trails to each geographical area, so you can choose to safari on foot or by tram. Classify 59 exhibits and more than a thousand animals from around the world according to their geographical region. You can see one more horned rhinoceros, gazelle, wild beast, tiger, lion, Himalayan griffon hawk, leopard and many more amazing creatures.

Marina Bay

The Marina Bay Sands complex is located on a multi-million dollar human-made bay. Check out this incredible complex casino, science museum and wonderful dining, nightlife and shopping options. 

Marina Bay singapore

Be sure to come here at 8 p.m. to see the most unbelievable sound and digital scenery, as it illuminates the bay waters as well as many Singaporean landmarks. If you want to experience the most incredible view of the city, go up to level 57; Here you can use a large telescope to examine the stars.


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