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Many people come to Alberta during the warmer months, and the winter is well worth a visit. When the lake freezes and snows at this time of year, it can be incredibly spectacular.

The province is located in western Canada and includes part of the Canadian Rock Mountains as well as five national parks. This is full of adventure activities and is a perfect place for anyone's bucket list. Here are some great things to do during the winter when you get to Alberta.

Try walking the Ice Canyon

Ice Canoe walks with Sundog Tours in Jasper National Park. This unique experience is one of the top winter activities to do in Alberta.

Ice Canyon

During the tour, you will explore the canyon and walk along the frozen river that runs through it. In time you will see waterfalls that seem to have frozen. This area is perfect for photographers and adventure travelers.

See Ice Castle in Edmonton

Ice Castle is a winter in Edmonton. They are exactly what the name implies, a palace, a castle made of ice.

Edmonton city
Edmonton City

These are fantastic for family viewing, photography and taking. Caves, slides, ice thrones and other unique features should make this attraction attractive to children.

Try dog sledding

Dog Slopes is an incredible winter experience in Alberta. There are various tours ranging from 1/2 hour to 2 hours and these will take you on a scenic trek through the trees.

If you are worried about the happiness of the dogs, do not worry as the dogs are extremely happy to run through the snow.

Skate on Lake Louis

Lake Louis is one of the most beautiful lakes in North America (Canada). During the winter months, it freezes. While enjoying the incredible views of the surroundings, it makes the slide perfect.

Lake Louis canada

Our trip had a family area and various sections where you could try ice hockey. Some nearby hotels, such as Fairmont, allow you to rent skates for free, or rent from various sports shops down the Lake Louis.

Head towards the Banff Gondola

Go towards the Banff Gondola and you will reach the top of the Sulfur Mountain. Here you will have the opportunity to learn about Banff National Park, how it was established, as well as a panoramic view of the six mountains and the Archery Valley.

There are also fun activities like comparing your hand to a grizzly pawn print, lifting the usual mountain climbing rucksack and much more, making it a great place to take kids.

Go on a helicopter ride

Go on an expedition for the epics of the rocky mountains. There are various tours including the Six Glacier Tour, the Icefield Tour and the Epic Summit, the Columbia Icefield Tour as well as private tours. One of the best tours to take in the winter is the Bubbles Tour, which includes a 20-minute flight, an 1-hour snowflake, and then a tour of Abraham's Methane Bubble Guide.

Skiing in Lake Louise

Many different ski resorts can be found in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The resort offers a spectacular 4,200 acre ski ride. Suitable for all of these abilities, it is perfect for beginners and snowboarders to a more advanced level.


Other specialties of this resort include incredible views of the Canadian Rockies as well as the delicious food you find in restaurants.


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