Top 6 Places You Should See and Things To Do in Fes - Morocco

Whether you watch Arabian night stories or love the geometry and colors of Islamic architecture, visiting one of the oldest cities in the world will be an exciting and joyous experience.

The old city of Medina or Fes is full of narrow lanes, beautiful soups, and ancient tombs, while the new city is left full of the familiar sounds of the modern city. Fess combines old and new and blends culture and atmosphere in a unique way that will truly amaze any visitor. Read the 6 best things to see and do in Morocco.

Merenid Tombs

The Merinid tombs are located on top of a hill above the faade and offer spectacular views of the ancient Medina or the city. You can climb here for amazing views at sunset. This is where the sultans of the Marinid dynasty and the royal family were buried.

Merenid Tombs

However, some of the carvings have faded, and there is much to appreciate in terms of local architecture and history.

Dar el Makhzen

For those who love royalty and all things, the Royal Palace of Fez is a place of praise and awe. The interior of this place is not open to the public. Because it is one of the palaces all over the country, it is inhabited when the royal family arrives in the city.

Dar el Makhzen

Dar L. Maxen of Fez does not differ in its grandeur. Featuring massive brass and gold doors and glorious celestial tiles, this is a popular backdrop for tourists to take unforgettable and beautiful pictures.

Al Quaraouiyine Mosque

AD Al-Quoin, built by a woman named Fatima al-Fihri in 859, is proud of Islamic history and culture. It is generally interesting for visitors to know that Al Qarouin is considered one of the world's oldest universities.

Al Quaraouiyine Mosque

It is now a mosque and is not open to tourists. However, you can access the library here. The nearby restaurants also offer amazing views of the mosque's courtyard so you can appreciate it without having to enter it.


Mela is one of the oldest Jewish communities in the world. Fes Mella is actually the first of its kind in Morocco. The Jewish community is certainly thriving here, and there are examples of interesting and architectural styles in the area. 

The Jewish population has dwindled to less than a hundred in recent years, but Moroccans are proud of their history of religious coexistence, and Fes Mella's visit highlights this.

Tagine and local cuisine

If there's one Moroccan dish that has made its name around the world, it's Tagin. Made from bone meat and deliciously cooked vegetables, it is usually served with couscous.

The broth is beautifully filled with aromatic and genuine spices. Every mouth is absolutely divine, and no trip to Fez would be complete without sampling this delicious dish at one of the local restaurants in Old Medina. Finished with a bit of sweet mint tea, this is the perfect meal for any night of the week.

Chouara Tannery

Fes is famous for its tanning and leather tanning, and Chaura tanning is the oldest tanning in the world. The processes and procedures of the Middle Ages are still preserved in the manner of tanning chaura leather.

Chouara Tannery

Watching tanning will be a cultural experience, and you can go out with a few unique pieces. Get ready for a strong scent and keep a scarf or scented handkerchief to cover your nose, but don't let that prevent you from a great learning opportunity.


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