Top 6 Best Things To See and Things To Do in Tallinn - A City in Estonia

When you go to Tallinn, Estonia you are there for a treat, because this beautiful city has a lot to see and do. What makes this city even better is that you can visit it anytime, even when it is snowing.

In this article, I will tell you some of the key points that I recommend you to look at and do. Consider using a Tallinn card to save a lot of money on attractions when traveling (assuming you do a lot).

Tallinn experience at Christmas

Tallinn makes it a wonderful Christmas destination, where you will find festive decorations and atmosphere throughout the city.

Tallinn christmas

Also it will be cold and if you are lucky it will add magic to the city even in the snow.

Go on a romantic journey along the path of St. Catherine 

To make St. Catherine's journey feel beautiful and romantic.

tallin street

One of the walls contains the ancient but beautiful tombstones of the membership of the Tallinn Magistrate, the Blackheads fraternity, the Great Guild and many others. The tombs originally came from St. Catherine's Church in Alexandria.

Visit the Estonian Maritime Museum in Meda Margaret

This museum is a must visit place to learn about the maritime history of the city.

The museum is located in one of the largest towers in the city and inside you can read about Viking traditions such as cemeteries and trade, see models of many ships used for trade, transport and warfare, and learn about other aspects of Tallinsn. Maritime history.

Visit the Church of the Holy Spirit

The Church of the Holy Spirit is a church located close to the old town square in the 114th century and was the main church used by the common people in the Middle Ages.

Inside is an old wooden interior and a 25th century altar. You will probably pass this church a few times as you explore, so it is worth a look.

Visit the Keek at the De Kök Museum and the Bastian Tunnels

This old artillery tower is great for learning about some of the old city defenses and the Estonian wars, or you can go to a very nice cafe upstairs.

Looking out the window serves as a cool view to various parts of the city. This museum also has tours of the old Bastian Tunnels, but book them in advance.

Visit Tallinn City Museum

The City Museum is a great place to learn about the city's history. 

Tallinn City Museum

It retains medieval and historical architecture and you will learn about how it has changed over time, see the incredible model of the old city created by school children, how trade and transition have evolved and much more.


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