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Laos is one of the most underestimated destinations in Southeast Asia. The country opened to foreign tourists in 1989 and since then tourism has become a fast-growing industry. Despite the growing international attention, Laos is being overlooked for more prominent countries in the region, such as Vietnam and Thailand.

As a result, Laos feels like a hidden gem and it is easy to experience genuine Lao culture. The people of Lao are warm, kind, and hospitable and are eager to show off their beautiful country. Laos is a multifaceted place where tourists can find a fertile landscape and rich culture wherever they go. 

The untouched nature with the mountains and rainforests in the north and the vast fields and islands in the south makes for an active and adventurous vacation.

beautiful laos

Vang Vieng

As calm and beautiful as Vientiane, Rowdy is Wang Vientiane. Wang Viang has made a name for himself in recent years as one of the most popular backpacker party destinations in Southeast Asia.

Vang Vieng

The small town is famous for cheap drinks, noisy parties and "pipes". Wang Wiang is a paradise for outdoor excitement and adrenaline junkie. The karst mountains and caves around the city are great for climbing and climbing. Travel agencies in Wang Wiang also organize kayaking tours and buggy rentals, so you will never be bored.

Huay Xai

Huai Shai is located near the northern Thai border. Laos is one of the most visited destinations for people looking to land. The Huai Shai Mekong River is connected to the Luan Prabang and slow boats can take you on a beautiful two-day trip.

Most people pass through Huai Shai quickly but it is worth stopping by. The city is small and there is not much room to offer, but the surrounding countryside has a lot to offer. You can visit the traditional mountain communities and stay in the area around Huai Shai. The most famous attraction near Huai Shai is the Gibbon Experience. The Gibbon experience includes staying for a few days in the beautiful Bokyo nature reserve, sleeping in tree houses. You reach the lodge by zipping through the trees. It will be a lifetime experience and all the money raised will support the garden.


Vietnam is not the only country in Southeast Asia to have large motorcycle rings. What is Hua Zhuang to Vietnam, what is the loop to Laos? The 450-kilometer motorcycle loop has become a major tourist destination across Laos.

Thakhek, a small town in central Laos, is now the starting and ending point of the famous Tak Pudu. The loop takes two to four days, depending on the number of stops and the route. The reason why the Thakkek loop is so popular is because of the different landscapes and scenery. The route takes you through mountains, paddy fields, waterfalls, swamps, and caves. The most popular stops are the massive Kong Lor Cave, the Buddha Cave, and the Cool Pool.


Even the capital of Laos is not completely overwhelmed by tourists. It feels like a small town compared to Bangkok or Ho Chi Minh. Vientiane is the smallest capital in Southeast Asia and has transformed into a relaxed environment. Since Laos was once a French colony, French influence can still be seen in Vientiane today.


There are several main scenes in Vientiane. Boulevard along the Mekong has attractive restaurants, cafes, and a night market. The main attractions of Vientiane are the Patuksai, the beautiful triumphal arch, and the Wat Sea Saket, the most important Buddhist temple in the city. The Buddha Park with 200 Buddha statues is located 25 km from the city and is perfect for a day trip.

Nong Khiaw/Nong Kiau

A few hours to the north is the beautiful village of Nong Kiawu. Situated between mountains and lush rainforests, this small river town is an ideal stop for exploration in the north of Laos.

A beautiful Chinese bridge connects both sides of Nong Kiawu. The rugged life of Nong Kiawu offers both serenity and refreshment. Adventurous tourists come here for outdoor activities, from mountaineering and cycling to cave exploration, rock climbing, and kayaking. Since Nong Kiawu, several travel companies have been hiking in the woods and in remote mountain villages.


Pakse is one of the largest cities in central Laos. It is often a lay place for people going to 4000 islands or beyond. But there is more to Pakse than a place to sleep in transit.


Located between the Pakse Mekong and Se Don rivers, it is surrounded by lush green fields and mountains. As the whole country becomes a shade of green, the area around Pakse is beautiful. While the city does not have a lot of sights or tourist attractions, it is a great base for exploring the famous Bola Plateau.


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