7 Best Places to See and Photograph The Lights London : Christmas in London - December's First Christmas Article

During the Christmas season, London becomes incredibly festive, and throughout central London, you will find stunning lanterns and decorations as well as high-end shops. Unlike most major cities, London has its own mix of decorations, and you have themes like Carnaby Street and Regent Street on every street.

Christmas pictures also seem to be very popular on Instagram, so be sure to check out these places if you are visiting during this time. So, where should you go during your holiday trip? Here are some of London's best picture places to see, have fun and grab Christmas decorations and lights.

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland is London's premier Christmas market and is huge.

Carnaby Street

Everywhere you look, there are lights, running and interesting features, so you should be able to get some good Instagram pictures during your trip.

Regent Street

Regent Street decor changes every year and often depicts a movie. Like Oxford Street, you will find an island in the middle of a road that allows you to take pictures safely.

Regent Street

You can also consider capturing the light lanes of buses and getting past the traffic in your photo.

Oxford Street

In previous years, Oxford Street was decorated with snowballs. In 2019 they had several rectangular panels with a small animation.

They are not as good as the previous year, so we recommend avoiding them if you want to avoid seeing any decorations. If you want to take pictures, you will find various islands in the middle of the road and roads along the way, so you can easily take pictures while you are safe.

Trafalgar Square

London's premier Christmas tree is located in Trafalgar Square and has been donated by Norway since 1947.

London Trafalgar Square

Something adds a truly forceful look to this amazing square. When taking pictures, try to use springs to your advantage for your composition, such as reflections and leading lines. Note that the Christmas tree arrives in early December.


Harrods is perhaps the winner of London's most decorated Christmas building. It is adorned with thousands of lights and makes you want to go inside.

New Bond Street

This upscale shopping street has some very nice Christmas decorations. The road to the right allows you to take a photo almost straight.

church street

Carnaby Street

The best place to see Christmas lights in London is Carnaby Street. This little shopping street has a style, and the festive decorations change every year.

Carnaby Street

This year's Decoration is an ocean theme in collaboration with ZERO, a conservation charity that represents the importance of our oceans and the life they contain. The decorations include a variety of marine life such as large whales, seahorses, crabs and many more that you will find under the sea.


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