Top 8 Green Destinations You Should See At Least One Time in Your Life

San Francisco - USA

San Francisco, a long-term thinker, and actor on social and environmental issues, has been implementing a sustainable plan for nearly a decade.

san francisco artistic conception green black

About half of San Francisco residents use public transportation, walking or cycling; More than 17 percent of the city is green space; Voters recently decided to set aside $ 100 million in bonds for renewable energy projects.

Sydney - Australia

The Emerald City of Australia, famous for its beautiful beaches and harbors and outdoor-loving populations, has introduced the Sustainable Sydney 2030.

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This long-term initiative's goals include revitalizing the city center, a more sustainable transportation system, more green space, and greater energy efficiency.

Vermont - USA

It's easy to get green in the green hills where residents have long been committed to protecting the environment and heritage.

vermont stowe foliage
Vermont Stowe Foliage

Through the Vermont Downtown Program, Vermont is working to revitalize its historic communities' urban areas, and the Northeastern Kingdom region of the state has partnered with the National Geographically Sustainable Destination Center to implement tourism policies that protect the environment and culture of the destination.

New Forest National Park - England

Originally a royal forest created by William de Conquer in 1079, New Forest National Park was designated a national park in 2005 and became the first national park in the United States in nearly 50 years.

This status has been given to protect the remaining growing forests of southern England, the untouched grasslands, and the habitat of 3,000 free-roaming ponies and five species of deer.

Greenbox - Ireland

A unique approach to conservation, Ireland's newly formed Greenbox ecotourism zone is part of northwestern Ireland, with pristine deserts and ancient archeological sites.

Greenbox works to ensure the local tourism industry in the ecotourism industry and to promote ecotourism across the region.

Aspen - Colorado

Aspen, Colorado, is one of the greenest ski cities in the area. Thanks to the efforts of Aspen Skiing, which operates mostly in Aspen, Snow Mass, Aspen Highlands, and Buttermilk Ski areas.

aspen colorado

In 2007, the company won the top tourism award for conservation tomorrow, including the construction of green buildings and the first U.S. ski resort to purchase certified wind power. It used 100 percent renewable energy and created a non-profit employee organization to raise money to protect mountain ecosystems.

Dominica - Caribbean

Unlike many other Caribbean islands that have been devastated by massive resorts, harbors, and casinos, the rainforest-covered Dominica seeks to protect its environment and become an eco-tourist destination in the region. 

dominica roseas caribbean

In 2004, Dominica became the first country to be named a Green Globe Destination by the Green Globe 21, an environmental certification body.

Portland - Oregon

The city of Portland, Oregon, has won numerous Sustainable and Green Awards, recently earning the highest score in the science rankings of the 50 Greenest Cities in America.

portland oregon cityscape

It was also the nation's first city to adopt a global warming action plan, and now half of the energy it consumes is renewable. Strict zoning laws, a bicycle-friendly culture, and a commitment to green buildings have helped Portland prevent widespread and environmental degradation that has affected other western cities.


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