Top 5 Best Short Walks in New Zealand - Things To Do in New Zealand

New Zealand is known around the world as a mountaineering oasis because it has more than enough to explore in a lifetime.

The 3,000-kilometer Ararova Trail stretches from a multi-day mass walk and a gentle walk in the hidden pockets of nature. Do you want to spend days wandering New Zealand's amazing walkways without carrying camping equipment and food? We will give you a list of the 5 best short walks of no less than 10 km and still give you some of the best sights in the country.

Key Summit Track – Southland

The Keyway Roundabout is part of a multi-day roadway, but can also serve as a single lane in the Rootburn Raceway parking area. From the parking lot, you go to a moss forest full of ferns and mushrooms and continue down the road to the main convention.

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Walking in the alpine nature of the Southern Alps reveals you, and from there you can see 360 ​​of the glorious peaks of the Southlands. Above the Key Summit, a swampy area with moss trees and small puddles creates an intriguing atmosphere.

Hahei to Cathedral Cove – Waikato

On the Pacific side of the Coromandel Peninsula, there are sandy beaches and shoreline dunes that dominate the coast. One of the brightest short walks in the area is the path from the Hahai settlement to the iconic Cathedral.

After the start of the scenic beach in Hahai, you will be trampled through the bush with the sounds of the native birds of New Zealand. With the various songs of Tui and the noisy wings of the New Zealand wood dove in the background or in the background, this is an even more fun walk. When there is an open area, the views of the offshore rock formations and the bright blue ocean are simply amazing. You will be rewarded for your work in the Cathedral, an impressive complex with natural arches and limestone hills.

Nugget Point Lighthouse – Otago

The Nugget Point lighthouse, often depicted on regional postcards, is truly a fascinating symbol of New Zealand's South Pacific coast. The lighthouse sits on the edge of a narrow rocky cape deep above the waves of the ocean.

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The viewing platform offers a view of the jaws of the Pacific Ocean, as well as pyramidal rock formations rising from the bottom of the sea. The Black Beach on the south side is often the resting place for fur seals. 

Blue Pools Track – Otago

The Blue Pool Trail in the Otago Region is a short, but exciting walk through dense jungle. The blue pools form a wide section of the Makarora River, with incredibly blue water and limestone rocks that make a spectacular difference. After 1.5 km, before you reach the pool, you will follow a gentle path in the middle of the bush. 

Take a break near the suspension bridge, which gives you a first look at the stunning turquoise waters. On a hot day, you can go down to the ice river, or jump further over the bridge if you dare to climb.

Hooker Valley Track – Canterbury

The Hooker Valley Track is one of the most popular routes for a view of Mount Cook, the highest peak in New Zealand at 3724 meters. Along this 10 km (back) trail, you will see low bushes and sediments cut through the Hooker Valley by ancient glaciers. Before you head out with Mount Cook, you will cross a spectacular suspension bridge across the Hooker River, with incredible views of Lake Mukherjee and Mount Sefton.

Nature Mountain New Zealand

At the end of the trail, you will come to the shores of Lake Hooker, where Mount Cook is bright in the background. This trek is the most forward-looking way to see the mighty Southern Alps, including glaciers and mountains, floating icebergs, and alpine flowers.


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