The Land of Fire and Ice : Top 6 Places to Visit in ICELAND

Iceland, a beautiful country, is also known as the land of fire and ice. It is the most beautiful place to visit. It is perfect for those who enjoy scenic landscapes, incredible geological features, and art.

If you travel during the summer months like June, you will find a number of days when the sun is just setting. However, during the winter months, you can enjoy the spectacular views of the Northern Lights. The capital, Reykjavik, is also the largest city in Iceland. When you fly to Reykjavik, you can catch a bus shuttle to take you downtown. Modern and ancient sensibilities blend together in the town. The city is full of street art murals and often mentions their national and cultural heritage. There are some of the most incredible landscapes in the world, including waterfalls and large landscapes outside the city.

The Golden Circle Route

As you prepare to visit another Iceland, rent a car or take a guided tour around the Golden Circle. The 300 km long loop covers three of Iceland's most famous geological areas and is a popular tourist destination.

horses iceland grazing

The drive itself is beautiful, and depending on the time of year, you can snow the golden fields full of herds of Icelandic horses.

Hapa Concert Hall and Conference Center

The Harpa Building is another landmark of Reykjavik, with the Conference Center and the Hapa Concert Hall. Work on the building was completed in 2009. It is an architecturally attractive place with its unique honeycomb windows.

Whether the Icelandic Opera or Icelandic Symphony Orchestra is good for you to perform here, a simple walk through its halls is a visual treat.


Look at the geyser that started it all, in Haukadalur, a geothermal area inhabited by two geysers: Geyser and Strokkur. This is usually the second stop on Golden Circle Road and includes a small restaurant and a regular shop for those who want to relax in the area. Although the risk of a geyser erupting is low, the stroker usually erupts every 10 minutes, ensuring a spectacular photo opportunity for viewers.

gollfoss waterfall river

There is a simple rope barrier around the geyser in this area. It can crack as people standing on the wrong side can explode to a height of up to 30 meters. Those who compare it to the old faithful geyser in Yellowstone National Park can see this for better photos, higher eruptions, and more up-to-date events.


The third stop on the Golden Circle Road includes the Gullfoss Falls. There are two observation points to look at the waterfall. The first provides a view from the top of the waterfall - this is an extremely windy area so be careful when you reach the edge! The second falls down to the second stage of the waterfall.

gullfoss iceland waterfall long

Along this area, a historical landmark tells the story of Sigríður Tómasdóttir fighting to protect the waterfall. This is a very beautiful, striking view. You can also capture a photo of a beautiful rainbow stretching across the fog from the second stage.


Ligaweger serves as Reykjavik's main street for shopping and drinking. This is a great street to walk to get a sense of the cityscape. There are a number of drinking spots, including the Lebowski Bar, which has a number of variations on the classic white Russian language.

laugavegur colorful mountains

While watching the movie, you can watch it from its four interior spaces: the ballroom, the living room, the dining room, and the lounge. Many attractions are Lagavagur. Animal spots such as the Icelandic Paleological Museum are on display. Or the iconic Sun Voyager sculpture off the coast of Iceland a few streets away.


There are many churches to see in Reykjavik - look for a reference to 'Kirkja' to identify them all - but Holgorimskikja is the unique one. It's a great example of unique architectural architecture, and you'll know it when you find it in Leaf Erickson's large structure in front of the church.


This is an active church, you can attend a service here, and you will be more interested in buying a ticket to the elevator to the observation tower. From the spiral top, you can get a glimpse of the beautiful birds of the city.


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