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The Czech Republic is a landlocked country in Central Europe and an incredible place to visit. The country has 12 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, over 200 palaces, chateau and monuments, four national parks, 33 spas, 104 golf courses, and much more.

The country is divided into different countries, including Bohemia in the west and Prague's capital in eastern Moravia. The smallest area in Czechoslovakia, which covers a small part of the northeastern part of the country. If the Czech Republic is a destination you intend to visit and need some ideas on where to go, keep reading. Here are 5 top places to visit in the Czech Republic.

Bohemian Switzerland

Bohemian Swiss National Park is easily accessible for day trips from Prague. The National Park actually travels to Germany as the German side Saxon Switzerland National Park. 

Bohemian Switzerland

On day trips with northern climbers, you will have the opportunity to take a beautiful boat ride along the Kamanis River and across the Edmund Gorge, and the park can be viewed from one of the breathtaking views, such as the Pravchika Gate. Famous.


Another top city to visit in the Czech Republic is Chrome, Moravia. My favorite feature of this city is the following main square with its amazing colorful architecture.

colonade sky architecture

Some of the highlights of the city are the beautiful flower garden, its artistic floral arrangement, the 64-hectare Chatto garden, and over 200 species of exotic trees, including the Archbishop's Chato in his cellar and barrel of wine. It can hold an incredible 19,000 liters.

Český Krumlov

It starts in Cesca Kramlov, a few hours south of Pres, a small dream city in southern Bohemia. This beautiful center has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1992, thanks in part to its authentic well-preserved layout and castle-city design.

Český Krumlov

Visit the State Castle (National Monument), which overlooks the city and offers incredible views when visiting. Also, go to my post about photo locations in Český Krumlov for some of the best places to take photos.


Prague is the largest and most famous city in the Czech Republic and is the capital of the Czech Republic. It is one of my favorite destinations in Europe. The city is extremely beautiful, with incredible architecture throughout the city, including the Preg Castle Complex, Charles Bridge, and Old Town Square. When you visit Prague, you will find a variety of things to do with 113 different historical sites, including museums, galleries and monuments. 

prague czech republic

As well as those attractions, the city also hosts wonderful nightlife, great beers, and delicious food. It is one of the most beautiful destinations I have ever seen with amazing views and large photo locations around the city.


Olomouc is the sixth-largest city in the Czech Republic, Moravia. It was one of the most important cities in the country for centuries and was the Czech Empire's residence. Similar to Prague (below), the city has an old medieval astronomical clock built into the town hall. 


The city also has a 32 meter high Holy Trinity monument. It is now recognized as a UNESCO Monument. The monument consists of 18 statues of saints, 12 beacons and various other features. Other attractions of the city include St. Vincent's Cathedral, the second tallest building in the Czech Republic at 100.65 meters, and the Archbishop's Palace and various museums.


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