6 Best Places to See and Things To Do in Chicago - United States(USA)

Chicago, or the "windy city," is full of beautiful things to see and do. Situated on the shores of Lake Michigan, this city offers something for everyone.

Chicago is a fantastic city to visit from fabulous restaurants, museums, and skyscrapers to extensive parks and great sports venues. Here are 6 of the best things to do and see in this fascinating city of Chicago.

Feel like a kid at Navy Pier

Access to Great Lake Michigan is the only Navy Pier, the only family-friendly place. The The 196-foot-tall ferris wheel dominates the Chicago sky, making it an ideal way to get a bird's eye view of the windy city.

navy pier

Once you have all the racing experience, you can explore recreational activities such as the 18-hole mini-golf course and the Chicago Children's Museum. Navy Pier is not just for kids; adults can catch a play at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater, explore many shops, have dinner on the lake or grab a beer at Miller Light Beer Park. End the night with a ring! In the summer there are concerts and nightly fireworks displays. Admission to the park is free, but you have to pay to have fun. The best way to get to the park is with a Navy Pier trolley.

Catch a Cubs game at Wrigley Field

Now that the Cubs have finally won the World Cup (after 108 years of drought), baseball fans have come to capture the famous "Kubies" game at Wrigley Field.

chicago baseball cubs

Wrigley is the second oldest MLB Ballpark in the country (after Fenway Park in Boston), and the experience of rooting chicks is unforgettable (kids fans are very excited).

Live History at Field Museum

The Field Museum is one of Chicago's most visited attractions and is located on half an acre of the city's popular Grant Park. The Field Museum is packed with exhibits that will keep visitors of all ages entertained and intrigued. The Ancient Egyptian Exhibition was probably the biggest draw (not only because it was the home of Indiana Jones). See the interactive story of the three-story Egyptian tomb and the life of the Nile.

Another must-see exhibit is about the dinosaur. SUE is the museum's T.I. Rex. She is 40 feet long, and her sharp teeth are a bit scary. There is so much more to learn, but you have to set aside the whole day to find it all.

Visit the Lincoln Park Zoo

Lincoln Park Zoo is one of the most popular attractions in Chicago. It is a neighborhood of Lincoln Park, north of Chicago. The zoo has a variety of animals ranging from zebras to hippos to monkeys.

Lincoln Park

The zoo has done a lot of work to create a natural habitat for their furry friends, and you will feel like you are on a safari in the jungle or in the jungle. They have large exhibits featuring beautiful cool animals such as African monkeys, penguins, and harbor seals. It is family and budget-friendly as there is no entrance fee to the zoo (you have to pay for some of the attractions at the zoo).

Do an Undersea adventure in the Shedd aquarium.

For some reason, more people want to visit the Field Museum than the Shed Aquarium, one of the best things to see in Chicago. It's their loss because the shed is one of the best aquariums in the country. They opened their doors in 1930 and have long been the largest aquarium in the United States.

Shedd's Waters of the World Gallery showcases all of the oceans, rivers, islands, and lakes in Chicago's heart. The show stars are beluga whales, rockhopper penguins, and alligators, but be sure to check out the giant Pacific owl and starfish and all the other sea creatures that call the aquarium home.

Look at the Willis Tower Skydeck

It's easy to see why the 110-story Willis Tower Skydeck is one of Chicago's attractions. Imagine being near the second tallest building in North America.

chicago illinois architecture

On a clear day, you can see the road to Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Legacy is also the specialty of the Skydeck experience. Above Wrigley Field and the Millennium Park, 103 floors above, this glass platform stretches down the lower street.


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