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Mexico is famous for its delicious food, cultural festivals, and the most stunning Central America landscapes. Apart from that, the country has a long history of Spanish colonialism and various civilizations and colonialism, which has led to urban development and excellent architecture.

To help you get around the country and find great cities, we have put together a list. Here are 7 beautiful cities to visit in Mexico.

Oaxaca City

Oaxaca is considered the culinary capital of Mexico, where specialties such as moles (spicy sauces), empanadas, and tamales begin. But in addition to the local cuisine that Oaxaca's capital city points to, it also includes beautiful shops, aged architecture, and festivals that emphasize Oaxaca's rich culture.

Oaxaca City mexico

Most of the exclamations are centered in the neighborhoods of Centro and the Reformation, with the religious complex of Secolo Oaxaca Square and the Temple de Santo Domingo. The narrow streets of Oaxaca are colorful, and you can walk for hours.

San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende is also located in the central highlands of Mexico in the province of Guanajuato. This picturesque city is a culturally minded tourist's dream, as it is home to a stunning centerpiece, with streets full of street musicians and new Gothic churches.

San Miguel de Allende

The city is home to the Plaza de Torres San Miguel de Allende, one of the oldest traditional bull tales in Mexico. Go to Jordan Allende to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of this medieval city. The Cathedral of La Santa Escuella di Cristo is a sight to behold around the park, with its red stone exterior and ornate ornaments.


Zacatecas is a few hours' drives from San Luis Potos. Thanks to the silver mining industry that has invested in the excellent architecture here. Located in the Zacatecas Valley, you can enjoy scenic mountain landscapes while traveling here. 

Zacatecas mexico city

Zacatecas became a center of critical religious nerves under Spanish rule, and the old section contains no less than 15 Catholic complexes. The Cathedral is a must-see for every visitor and will captivate art lovers with international artists' creations on display at the Museo Pedro Coronel.


Taco is one of the 'Pueblo Magicos' or Magic Villages in Mexico, according to the Ministry of Tourism.  Walking around the city quickly shows why Taco deserves this honorary title.

Taxco mexico

On the roof of this colonial settlement are the classic orange tiles, prominent cathedrals, and exquisite silver jewelry shops. Due to its proximity to Mexico City, Texco makes it a popular destination for weekend and day trips. View the city from a bird's eye view of the Christo Ray Monument, a viewing platform with a statue of Christ and intact scenes.


Merida is located in the Yucatan and is primarily praised for its sun-kissed beaches, ancient Mayan sites, and underground tombs. Merida is a testament to the beautiful architecture and attractive city life of this tropical region. 

Merida mexico

As you walk around the state capital, you will surely come to Palacio Canton, a huge family residence that has been turned into an anthropology museum. To learn more about European style architecture and family history, stay at Quintana Montes Molina, a great mansion that offers guided tours.

Puebla - City

Many cities can rely on their historical engineering and cultural museums. The city of Puebla adds a wonderful character to this mix. The city of 1.5 million is located about 2200 meters above sea level and overlooks the massive volcanoes of Matlalqui (4461 m) and Popocatepetl (5426 m).

mexico puebla cuetzalan

Ride the Ferris wheel Estrella de Puebla, which will give you a great feeling of the city. Expect to see Iglesia de Santo Domingo, the masterpiece of city design and architecture, and the adjoining Capilla del Rosario. The seats inside the cathedral and the church are covered with gold, ornate statues, and ornaments.

San Luis Potosí

San Luis Potosi is a city in the heart of Mexico with a population of over 800,000. Spa, The metropolitan area, is a prime example of a Spanish colonial settlement. Although arid landscapes surround the city, San Luis Potosi is a cultural hub in the nominal region.

San Luis Potosí

Impressive Baroque Buildings Take a tour of the inner city that has given this city a place on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Metropolitan Cathedral is the focal point of San Luis Potos. Within walking distance of this masterpiece of the 17th century, you will find attractive hidden cafes, parks, and lined streets that add coolness to the city.


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