6 Most Beautiful and Attractive Places To Visit in Turkey - Places You Should Visit in TURKEY

Turkey is full of chaotic cities, bizarre markets, and turquoise seasickness. There are many cities to see as a country spread across Europe and Asia. Below are the 6 best places to visit in Turkey.


This beautiful port city is home to the unique Trojan horse that Brad Pitt once mastered in the movie Troy. Kanakale is full of fancy shops, delicious lokma (fried sweet dough), and beach bars.

Canakkale trojan horse
Trojan horse Statue

It is the perfect combination of history and small-town life. The local Dolmus (minibus) will take you to the ancient city of Troy. Here is the first known image of the infamous Trojan horse. Spend the morning exploring the protected area of ​​the old town. In the evening, soak up the atmospheric waterfall markets and watch the sunset through Kilit Bahir Castle.


Izmir is full of street markets, and there are many places to enjoy Turkish tea and fresh air on the beach. Carmeraldi is a vibrant market for tourists as well as locals. Take a walk around the city to appreciate the corner square and the beautiful clock tower.

lzmir clock tower ege
Lzmir clock tower.

Continue along the promenade to the corner pier, a great place for food, drinks, and a great view. Find the Agora among the outdoor museums in Izmir and walk through the well-preserved historical site. Furthermore, Izmir is an ideal base for exploring small historical cities such as Iceme, Alcati, Ephesus, and Pamukkale.


Ephesus was the trading center of the ancient world. Go back in time through the brightly preserved ruins of temples, amphitheaters, and historic gates.

celsus efes ephesus

While Ephesus inhabits the Temple of Artemis. This also belongs to the wonders of the world. This magnificent temple is well preserved and cannot be missed. Easily accessible to the Seleucids and Izmir, the ruins of Ephesus are a great day trip. Be sure to save time exploring the surrounding markets and lunch stops.


Summer cool on the beach and winter skiing in the high mountains! In this unique city, you can see waterfalls and ancient ruins.

kaputas antalya beach

You can walk as much as you want from the port of Antalya to the coast of Connolly. This is a beach club. Soak the turkey rays you want here. Go on a boat trip to find waterfalls or enjoy a cable car ride to the top of the hill and appreciate the scenery.


Bodrum is a bustling city in the coastal Aegean region of Turkey. Walk through the lanes appreciate the street art, plants, and windows with blue frames. Enjoy shopping at Bodrum Bazaar and relax with Turkish tea. 

beautiful view of bodrum

Take a look at the history of Bodrum Palace and look at the blue waters. Climb up to find the restored ruins of 7 wood windmills. Be sure to watch the spectacular scenes with Bodrum. Once you’ve worked up a sweat, immerse yourself in the clear beach. The Bodrum Cup, the annual sailing competition, is well known. Swim anchored in the quiet islands, snooker or even kayak.


Ankara, often occupied by Istanbul, is the capital of Turkey! It is full of culture, markets, and sloping streets. Enjoy exploring the many historical museums and galleries (Ankara Castle).

Ankara castle

An extension of the Roman Baths in Ankara. Take some time to walk through this outdoor museum to feel what the 3rd century looks like. Go up the city from the Atakule Tower and appreciate the views. Pass through the large green area of ​​the Genomic Park, past the swimming pool, Ferris wheel, and mini train. After a different museum? Get out of Ankara to see the upside-down mansion! 


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