If You Go To New Jersey do not Forget to Check Out These Places

New Jersey, it's definitely a flood of pictures: Tony Soprano, Bruce Willis, Jersey Shore (both the real beach and the infamous MTV show), Pine Barron, Jay and Nihil Bob, orc Rose Rolls and Jersey ... The list of popular Jersey people, characters, food, places goes on and on. Among the colorful things you can experience if you decide to go to New Jersey are the very large traffic fines that are paid out in the state every year.

Despite its important place on the pavement of American history and culture, it seems to be becoming a tourist destination, but it has always been and will always be, New Jersey overpowered by its most famous, cool, big brother, New York. The following paragraphs include three New Jersey (abbreviated NJ) cities / destinations that I must visit, whatever you want to call them, and I hope the park shines a light on the joy of the Kingdom.

Red Bank

Located in central New Jersey, Red Bank is a city of over 12,000 people, but despite its size, it has a reputation as a shopkeeper's paradise and is often known for its art.

new jersey spring nature

Notable sites on the Red Bank include: J & Silent Bobs Secret NJ, a comic bookstore owned by local and well-known film director Kevin Smith. Red Tank Brewing is a local brewery that offers a variety of handcrafted micro breweries, and according to online reviews, this place is a must-go.

A visit to the Red Bank is not complete without going to the art district, which includes the Chetkin Gallery, which specializes in contemporary European art, the Art Alliance, which presents both traditional and non-traditional pieces, the studio and the gallery. Local artists.


Princeton University in New Jersey is home to the world-famous Princeton University, one of the most beautiful school cities in the country. I recommend a walking tour of the Princeton Campus as well as the cities of Princeton, which are full of beautiful architecture and landscapes. It has beautiful buildings and delicious restaurants and a lot of modern style shops.

campus princeton building


It's part of the infamous Jersey Shore, which has a somewhat unreasonable reputation, largely because of the MTV show of the same name. Misinterpreted, Jersey Beach and especially Wildwood Beach are the best in the country.

wildwood beach ocean

The 5-mile-long "Wildwoods" across three different sections of the beach offer something to offer everyone. It is important to note that the beach is completely free, and despite its popularity, you can have some personal space as the beach is ample. Along with the beachfront amusement parks and water parks, Wildwood offers a number of interesting museums, including the Doo Wop Conservation League Museum (no. I didn't make it) and George F. Boyer. The Historical Museum is a good place to learn about the long and interesting history of the area.


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