Top 5 Things To Do and See in Wellington - New Zealand

Although Wellington is not the largest city in New Zealand, it is the proud capital of New Zealand. Situated in the bay at the southern tip of the North Island, Wellington is an important port city and transport hub for the North and South Islands.

Wellington has convenient museums and pleasant parks, as well as hip coffee shops and bars. If you pass the “windy city” during your adventures in New Zealand, you can turn to Wellington and its environs on the to-do list. Although New Zealand is known as an expensive country to visit, most of these sights in the capital do not break the bank.

City Gallery Wellington

The Contemporary Art Museum near Wellington Harbor Falls cannot be overlooked by art lovers. The City Gallery has a variety of exhibits featuring works by New Zealand artists as well as international artists.

wellington city

Abstract works by New Zealand artists and works of art depicting the complexity of airports are just some of the many exhibitions for the year 2020. The museum also regularly hosts live events such as singing concerts or flash mobs.

It costs no money to enter the Wellington City Gallery.

The waterfront

Wellington Harbor is one of the most beautiful places in the New Zealand capital. Near the 2 km long walkway you will find plenty of historic buildings, street musicians, and pop-up markets.

Usually, on the beach, you will come across Wellington's glorious town hall, 19th century Harbor Waffle offices, and Civic Square with its state of the artworks. Large stools should be monitored regularly for floating water.

Wellington Museum

The city has had its own dedicated museum, focusing on Wellington's role as a significant port and capital since 1865. The Wellington Museum is located in a historic building close to the reservoir and is a great backdrop for such an exhibition. A chronological timeline of little importance in Twentieth-century Wellington really gives you a proper introduction to the city and a sense of knowing Wellington before you explore.

In another area of ​​the museum, stories about sailors and ships are told through movies and historical antiquities. As you study the history here, you can see that Wellington is a nuclear-free port. Admission to the Wellington Museum is completely free.

Mount Victoria

Wellington is located in a bay surrounded by mountains. One of these highlands is fertile Mount Victoria, east of the Central Business District.

mount victoria
Many tourists and locals head toward Victoria Lookout Mountain, with Evans Bay overlooking the city west and the airport and east. The scenery may be the best you can get in and around the city. However, the view is not the only draw on Mount Victoria; Mountain bike trails are spread around and run mainly through pine forests.

As a bonus for fans of the Lord of the Rings, an official shooting location is located in the park.

Cuba Street

If you are into vegan food, comfortable restaurants, and a bohemian lifestyle in general, Cuba Street is worth exploring. This hot spot for hipsters and artists stretches for about 1 km in the heart of the capital.

cuba street
Cuba Street was once a shady quarter with a scratch bar, a prison, and a brothel, and although the street has been cleared, the Beatnik atmosphere has not completely disappeared. There are 40 heritage buildings in this lane and it is also an iconic bucket fountain that unknowingly soaks pedestrians by absorbing a significant amount of water.

Cuba Street breathes the history of ancient Wellington, and is the perfect place for street musicians, cafes and architect historic architecture alike.


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