6 Best Things To Do in And Around in Queenstown - New Zealand

Queenstown is one of the most popular tourist destinations in New Zealand and upon arrival, you will immediately see; The natural surroundings of this formerly humble city are truly sensitive.

Add adventure to adventure seekers, a large number of international restaurants and shopping opportunities, and Queenstown is fast becoming one of New Zealand's must-see.


It is no more spectacular than Queenstown and a large part of the South Island at an altitude of 4500 meters. Once you get to this altitude with a small plane, you will reach speeds of up to 200 kilometers per hour.


Once the parachute starts, you'll be floating over the impressive Southern Alps, Lake Wakatipu, and on a clear day, you'll even get a view of Mount Cook rising to the top of the horizon. Jumping from 2750 or 3650 meters are more budget-friendly options. Skydive can be organized by one of the many tour operators in the center of Queenstown.

Do Shopping

Queenstown is the tourist heart of this region on the South Island and has plenty of opportunities to store practical and fun things. If you are planning a road trip or camping adventure, Queenstown has all the outdoor shops with everything you need, from pots to tents.


If you are worried about bringing it home, gift shops in Queenstown have categorized every souvenir you can think of. Beach Street and Showdown Street are hot spots to satisfy your shopping cravings.

Skippers Canyon

If you're just passing through the hairdressing salon in Queenstown, Skipper's Canyon is a destination not to be missed. The forest is carved from the Showdown River and has narrow passages.

skippers canyon

The most popular way to see Skipper's Canyon is by jet boat. In this boat, you will fly across the river at a speed of 80 kilometers per hour and the captain shows that a boat that can seat a dozen can actually do spinning tricks. Another trip takes you to explore the Canyon and Winky Museum to explore the lives of the miners who worked there during the Golden Fall of the 19th century.

The Routeburn Track

This mountaineering route, one of the Great Walks of New Zealand, falls straight to your jaws 32 km. The Rootburn Trail takes you through moss forests and glacial rivers, where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the surroundings.

The Southern Alps peaks, still lakes, and massive rock formations are just a few of the rewards of facing this multi-day trek. Basic huts as well as several camps are available at four locations on the Rootburn Race Course. It is necessary to make a reservation in advance to get a place to sleep.


Glenorchy is a picturesque rural town located at the other end of Lake Wakatipu, 45 km from Queenstown. Glenorchy loves its scenic beauty. Here you can see the majestic mountains, the long stretch of Lake Wakatipu, and the rivers roaring towards the lake.

new zealand glenorghy

But the first draw to this beautiful city is its feature in the world-famous Lord of the Rings movie trilogy. The plains and rivers of Glenorchy were featured as Isengard in popular films. So the city is an amazing destination for LOTR fans and nature lovers alike.

Kayak on Lake Wakatipu

There is something magical about the calm, crisp blue waters of Wakatipu Lake. New Zealand's third-largest lake is a significant part of Queenstown's identity and a popular destination among active tourists.

kayak on water

It's a fast boat ride, but people come to watch the action and the beautiful scenery as it rises from the lake. Kayaking is one of the most relaxing and satisfying ways to explore the lake. Leave on the surface for a few hours or all day to soak up the attractive environment thoroughly.


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