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If New Zealand summer is not on your bucket list, you are crazy. You have no other way to put it. No, it's not because of the location of 'Lord of the Rings' or the first place in the world to bring in the New Year.

But because of the long summer days, backward attitudes, and friendly natives of the world. New Zealand is a socially acceptable place to go to the supermarket in empty stores, wear a milk towel, and use sunscreen not only as a sunscreen but also as a type of perfume. So when you are in New Zealand, how do you spend the summer as a local? Well, it all starts with you grabbing a bottle of L&P and your handle.

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BBQ On the Beach

By now you will realize that New Zealand summer is beach life. It is therefore rude not to include the BBQ in the Beachy list, which is a very important activity. Beach barbecue.

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There is nothing like getting together with some of your closest partners and grabbing a few sausages and hitting the beach. It smells real in the summer and is taken very seriously by many New Zealand families.

Nowadays you don't even need to have your own barbecue, many built beaches use free barbecues by local councils. They completely eliminate the hassle of a barbecue beach, all you have to do is clean up! Consumes a lot of barbecues as well as a lot of drinks. Always remember to make sure everyone is still safe when you enjoy your cold and practice gas grill safety. You never have to leave a BBQ beach to go to the emergency room!

Try a Hangi

This is a traditional Maori dish. Its vegetables and meat are cooked on the ground. Hangi is made by digging a large pit and lighting a fire inside and placing river stones.

The food is then placed on top of the rocks (wrapped in foil, or traditionally green). The food is then boiled for hours, covered with plant leaves and pits. Chicken or lamb usually uses pumpkin, onions, and sweet potatoes (or kurma, as it is known in NZ).

Go Tramping

You may know about trampling. We like to call it mountaineering or bushwalking. Essentially that means going there and exploring on foot. New Zealand has one of the most beautiful natural beauty in the world and the best way to see it is by trekking. There are dozens of racetracks to suit everyone, from hours to days.


From the coast to the mountains you can find something, New Zealand has you covered in every direction. 

Eat Fish ‘n’ Chips

Having fish ‘n’ chips ‘nourished’ is as kiwi as you can get. However, the fish ‘n’ chips I’m talking about are not the kind you would serve in a grocery service basket at your local best restaurant for $ 35.99. I’m talking about real fish ‘N’ chips.

What is meant by real fish 'N' chips? I meant going to your local fish shop and ordering a $ 20 family pack and going to the beach to eat it with your hands while watching the sun go down. Each fish ‘n’ chip shop has a $ 20 family packet, however, they may vary from place to place. You will usually find that they contain 4 pieces of minced fish, 2 tablespoons of chips, a couple of hot dogs, and a small army or prince fritter.

This delicious package of deep-fried goodness is wrapped in last week’s newspaper that will always be used as your desk at the beach! Always remember your sliced ​​tomato sauce and lemon for the full experience.

Go swimming in the oceans or rivers

There are more than 180,000 km of rivers in New Zealand. You will find it harder to find anything kiwi than going to your local ‘swimming pool’. Mountaineering, hiking, and rope riding are some of Kiwi kids' favorite pastimes.

water beach sea

There is always a local swimming pool with something to jump on, so fear not! If freshwater is not your cup of tea, you are in luck. New Zealand is a fascinating region of 15,000 km of coastline. Load the car, grab your chili pot (Eski) and go to the beach for swimming, sunshine, and beach sports. Always remember to swim on patrol beach. Beware of burning hot black sand!


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