Top 5 Most Beautiful and Must-visit National Parks in Europe

From the mysterious mountain tops to the intriguing ancient forests and vast icebergs, Europe has many amazing natural features.

From the Finnish tundra to the scenic Gorge in Slovenia, we present a list of 5 most beautiful and national parks in Europe. So if you want to escape from the civilized world for a while, pack your bag and start exploring these beautiful national parks in Europe.

Lake District National Park – England

Lakes, Forests, Waterfalls, and Mountains: Lake District National Park is as wild as the United Kingdom. The northwestern part of England is 2362 square kilometers and has the highest mountains and the largest lakes in the country.

Lake District National Park

Ullswater and Windermere are the most beautiful lakes and are surrounded by beautiful villages and forests. At 978 meters, the Schaffel Pike is the highest mountain in the district, and climbing enthusiasts will be pleased to have more peaks. The fun walk is the trump up to the Catbells. The panoramic views of Lake Derwentwater and the mountains are the end result. 

One of the biggest bonuses you get when you visit Lake District National Park is the number of activities offered. In addition to climbing the majestic mountains, you can hire a kayak or rowing boat to reach the lakes, or take a walk through the beautiful villages and carefully cured English parks.

Pyrenees National Park – France

Pyrenees National Park is located in the French part of the Pyrenees Mountains. Deep blue alpine lakes, grassy valleys, and thunderous waterfalls are yours to explore in this beautiful France.

body of water nature river

If you want to soak up the alpine vista and beautiful waterfall, follow the path to Guernsey Falls. This impressive waterfall falls 280 meters continuously and has a total height of more than 400 meters. Among other amazing hikes are the circuits around the Towerhouse Mountain and the Pic du Midi de Ozo. Keep an eye on the sky as you can see hawks, hawks, and eagles gently hovering.

Białowieża Forest National Park – Poland / Belarus

Białowieża Forest National Park is not just your typical shrub. The Polish-Belarusian Reserve is the last remaining primary forest reserve in Europe and spans the continent in the prehistoric era.

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Today, these forests cover only 150 square kilometers, but traversing a century-old forest is still daunting. One of the animals that should be explored in this ancient park is the European bison tree. This majestic creature was once hunted for extinction in these lands but a reintroduction program allowed these animals to graze in the plains once again. Those caught up in macro-life rejoice in the abundance of rare insects, plant species, and mushrooms.

Plitvice Lakes National Park – Croatia

Superstitions are not enough to describe the attraction of this reserve in Croatia. UNESCO added this amazing national park to the World Heritage List in 1979 for legal reasons. The beauty of Plitvice lies in the combination of its lakes and waterfalls. The second naturally connect the lakes. The emerald color of the lakes is different from the foamy white of lush foliage and pale waterfalls.

One of the highlights of the park is the 78 meters high Veliki Slap waterfall. Kilometers vary in length from 3 to 18 km and you can explore Plitvice Lake National Park through 8 different walking trails. If you are reasonably fit, it is wise to choose the longest route, this will take you to the best places in the park.

Tre Cime National Park – Italy

Trey Siem National Park, or Three Peaks National Park, is located in the Dolomites, the highest mountain range in Italy. The three Laverido Towers are located above their surroundings and have become a place of worship for climbers and rock climbers. This trinity point can be traversed by a hike of about 10 km around the peaks around the peaks.

lake antorno tre cime dolomites

The starting and ending points of this jaw-dropping track are Rifugio Auronzo, a hut that provides accommodation. From this reserve, there are also short walks with great views of the Three Mountains.


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