6 Best Places For Someone Who Loves To White Christmas

There's nothing like waking up to white Christmas - when you're a fan of snowball fights or spinning in front of a fire and going out outside. Snow can be rare and unexpected, but if you want to wake up on a white blanket outside your window on Christmas morning, you do not have to go to the weather. Here are five destinations you can count on for a white Christmas.

Krakow, Poland

Krakow's beautiful spears and cobalt squares are more attractive than ever when coated in snow. From December, you have a good chance that Poland's cultural center will disappear, covering the glittering snowflakes.

Church Winter Poland
Church Winter Poland

Moscow, Russia

Moscow usually receives 18 days of snow in December, but the city can be covered from early November. Seeing the parks and churches of this significant capital covered with thick snow sheets is a direct display of a fairy tale. The temperature will be a bit off, so really wrapped up.

snow moscow

Tignes, France

Sit on a mountain, and you are sure to see snow. Thanks to its high altitude, Tignus' ski resort offers plenty of powder to enjoy alpine views. Grab a pair of skis and head for the slopes or enjoy the cool mountain breeze while walking around.

paris christmas

Sapporo, Japan

As one of Japan's most sparsely populated areas, Hokkaido has a rural feel to it, a world far removed from much of the country.

city japan street

It's a bit cool, and Sapporo, the largest city on the island, provides a good snowfall base, especially if you go to the forests slightly to the north. If you can wait until then, the city is hosting a snow festival in February.

Helsinki, Finland

Finland is a good bet for some seasonal snow, and December turns into a beacon of Christmas beauty as it revolves around Helsinki.

the scenery santa claus village
The Scenery santa claus village

Lanterns and decorations line the streets of fancy cities filled with Christmas shops and carol concerts. This beautiful city is more likely to see snow sweeping its streets and roofs, so be prepared to wrap and crush along the sidewalks.

Budapest, Hungary

With the constant and mild December snowfall, conditions for a perfect white Christmas in Budapest could not have been better. The selected city of Budapest offers a unique Christmas celebration for visitors. Full of bars and hot tubs, you can jump from one day to the next.

When you're done, dive into the Christmas shops and dive into the outdoor ice rink at Budapest City Park or take a Christmas boat ride through the Danube.


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