5 Unexpected Nightlife Destinations for the Most Beautiful Experience in the World

According to global creators, the best parties are amazing and spontaneous, so we've rounded up five unexpected destinations for nightlife.

Manila, Philippines

Manila was all glitz, but it has diversified, with more unique and conceptual bars bringing in international hydrologists and musicians. Budget' hole in the wall' type locations, roof bars, an old airport terminal in the centre of town with a beautiful cocktail park, endless nightclubs, a couple of hidden talks, a gin spot with whiskey bars and sandy decoration and eccentric artwork on the walls.

Makati is still a major hub for clubs and bars, with local bands in Quezon City (as well as very affordable bars and restaurants) where you can find interesting and exciting live music. Mallet is a must-see area and is gaining popularity again, and new restaurants and dance venues are opening up instead of closing.

Barranquilla, Colombia

Barranquilla is best known for Shakira's birthplace and its annual canals. The second is said to be the second-largest carnival in the world (after Rio) and is a frenzy of colourful festivities that begin in February. But even if your trip does not coincide with this massive street party, Barranquilla has enough nightlife to keep you at work quickly. Join the locals in drinking and dancing by Tiendas.

These small neighbourhood shops set tables and chairs on the sidewalk outside, sell beer and play Colombian Vallenato folk music. For more traditional bars and nightclubs, head to the famous streets of the jungle 84, Carrera 21 and Carrera 8, where you will find La Troja, one of the city's most famous places, celebrating its traditional music, dance and atmosphere. Since the week is closed, you are guaranteed to arrive on Friday, Saturday or Sunday).

Shanghai, China

Shanghai is a fast-paced, quirky city, but it's not all flying luxury clubs with premium tables and champagne corks, it also has an underground nightlife scene. These alternative events, which are mainly hosted by foreigners, and places like Dada and the elevator, are genuine parties that offer everything from technology and home to hip hop.

Shanghai Bund Night

For a mainstream and popular music bar, head to Cloud 9, one of the tallest bars in the world, located at the top of Jin Mao Tower.

Rotterdam, Netherlands

It may be the second-largest city in the Netherlands, and Rotterdam is a true pioneer of nightlife. Browse the green Wit de Witz Street covered by popular bars, including Cafe de Wit App, but local hangouts and up-and-coming social nights do not take place in the central lane, such as the Tofler nightclub on Veena-Zuide Street. Pay attention to the nights set by the creative space.

Rottterdam skiline night view
Rotterdam Skyline Night View

Odesa, Ukraine

Beyond the green boulevard and pastel novel architecture, the port city of Odessa has a hedonistic side. Start your night on the Black Sea coast with a cocktail a few hours before heading to the famous Arcadia district (also located along the beach). Famous beach clubs offer swimming pools, dance floors and food; Itaka is one of the most famous, with Greek columns and marble masonry.

ukraine night view


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