Top 7 Highest Spectator Attraction Castles in Europe

If time seems to be running out, these five destinations may be just what you are looking for. 

From the legendary mountains of southern Ireland to the depths of the Lower Valley, we find lodging in a storybook.

Rheinsberg, Germany

Rheinsberg Castle, which stretched from a medieval castle to a renaissance retreat for the future great Frederick, still remains spectacularly on Lake Grenerick.

A playground for the young Crown Prince, it thrived on turkey, foil and rococo flair. Come spring or summer, you can experience a classical music festival, or explore the expansive parks. The stunning design of the seat is based on the equally elaborate style of the Sansochi Palace in Potsdam.

Sully-sur-Loire, France

Lower Valley is blessed with beauty. The imposition of Charto de Sully-Sir-Lawyer Charto de Sully-Sir-Lawyer descends from Orleans.

castle france

A true castle - full of retaining, retractable walls and unfinished walls - the architect of Charles V, Raymond du Temple, created a truly imaginative impression by enriching the palace with beautiful turrets and mind-blowing gardens. Guided tours reveal the history of weaving into the fabric of the ancient palace.

Malbork, Poland

The fascinating form of Malberk's Castle of Teutonic Order dominates the Nogart River. Its red-brick proved to be strong enough to call the Teutonic Knights home for 150 years.

Poland Castle

Today, the restored fortress is open to visitors through a drawer and through the ornate Knights Hall, below the Gothic Golden Gate and into St. Mary's Church.

Bojnice, Slovakia

The green peaks of Bojnis Castle rise above the serene city like a scene from a Disney movie.

Slovakia castle

Visitors can explore the 13th century Gothic and Renaissance castle as well as the Liberin Cave below. The fort provides an ideal place for a festival of ghosts and monsters in the spring.

Postojna, Slovenia

Little Postojna sits relatively off the tourist radar but loves the 13th-century Predjama Castle.

castle Predjama

Dramatically cut from a hillside, the lightly covered palace is different from the rock face and has a somewhat magical backdrop. It serves as a filming backdrop and has inspired visitors to host the annual Irasem Center Tournament. Leaving the wonders of the Renaissance, the mountains explore a great day.

Blarney, Ireland

Ireland is not short on forest scenery, glorious palaces and myth - and Blarney is no different. A 13th-century tower, it attracts visitors online with one mission: to kiss the Blarney Stone, verbally and persuasively (also known as the 'gift of Gab').

castle blarney

From the queues, explore the vast expanses of land, including the Seven Sisters and the Himalayan Walk, as well as the Poison and Jungle Parks.


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