5 Best Destinations for Experience the Musicals

Whether you are pop-rock breakdowns or classic movie adaptations, music is a joyous way to experience art and culture in any city. Here is a quick photo of some of the best places in the world to watch (and sing) music.

New York, USA

Begin your musical journey with the New Amsterdam Theater, a long-distance venue in New York. Now leased by Walt Disney Company, this is the perfect place to watch classic animated movies.

The Art Nouveau architecture and decoration experience of the building is particularly brilliant, so it feels like the new Amsterdam Sigfeld Follies home, a series of brilliant and exciting theatrical productions that transformed the Broadway musical genre of the early 20th century.

solo piano

New World Stages, far from Broadway, is a theater for high-quality music off the streets. Shows such as the Tony Award-winning Avenue Q and the Jersey Boys have been removed from the venue. Guests are also allowed to have drinks at the shows, so you can also enjoy an imbibe: an exciting history of drinking with cocktails on hand.

São Paulo, Brazil

Sao Paulo, an ever-expanding cultural city, has begun to import and adapt popular music worldwide. Tito Renault is a popular tourist destination, hosting many of Broadway's shows in Brazil; It has over 1,500 spectators and returns to São Paulo 16 years later with a theatrical facade illuminated by the colors of the French flag.

sao paolo thetre
São Paulo Theatre

Elsewhere, lined with gray office blocks, Titero is one of South America's most famous cultural sites. The theater has a unique attraction, which significantly influences the architecture of the Paris Opera House. Recently restored, you can get free guidance of the building and explore its dramatic history. Space is limited, so be sure to register before you arrive.

London, United Kingdom

Go to the West End of London to find the largest and best cinemas in the city. Old Week is an independent, non-profit theater that prides itself on its high-quality music and comedy. Celebrating its 200th birthday in 2018, the theater is recognizable for its Victorian windows, colonial and iconic facade, and impressive casting history.

london theater
Juliet Shaftesbury Theater

The likes of Lawrence Olivier, Judy Dench, and Daniel Radcliffe (naming a few) are on stage - confirming the high reputation of playwrights in the world of show business. Adjacent to the river bank, the Black Princes, 2 bedroom apartment, is best suited for Old Wick visitors, just 20 minutes away. If you want to do business outside the West End, there are several locations around London. Only 50 seats in Finborough, off the street, in a more traditional English pub than a theater.

Sydney, Australia

Stand under the famous sails of the Sydney Opera House, where the music stage is stunning. One of the most popular shows here is Miracle City, a comedy full of big characters, voices, and hair that is said to be the Book of Mormon's forerunner. Take a moment to stop at the Opera Bar, boasting of being the best beer garden in the world where you can drink champagne while looking at Sydney's beautiful bridge and harbor.

Spend the night at Cromorn Point Manor and watch the Opera House from the balcony in the sunshine. In Hemaquat, the Capitol Theater is famous for its unusual decoration; A dark blue, star ceiling covers the stage. The sculptural lines line the edges of the auditorium, transporting any theatergoer into the world of ancient classics. But don't be fooled, the Capitol Theater isn't just for a tragic ending. Their show includes a modern collection of music like the Jersey Boys and The Wizard of Oz.

Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg has begun to compete with New York and London for the world's leading music capital title. The city theater is located on the im Hoffen Nordrelbe River, which can be reached by boat and is famous for its unique production of the 16-year-old Der Kanigder Luwen (Lion King). Back to the dry land The famous Reaperban Street, the red light and entertainment district of Hamburg, is home to Theater New Flora, one of Germany's largest cinemas.

hamburg germany musical

The theater is spread over four floors in the 1920s and is famous for wearing elaborate musical instruments such as Aladdin. Elsewhere in Ripurban, the Operettenhouse stage has a long history in the music world. The stage version of the movie starring Sylvester Stallone, Rocky, played here for three years and was widely celebrated by critics.


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