The Ultimate Travel Guide to Guelph - Canada

Why you should go there ?

The city of Guelph was founded about 200 years ago by the felling of a maple tree. City designers have given the city streets and structures a European feel and original buildings.

Book your own ‘Taste Shift’ and you’ll have some of Gould’s oldest sights as well as some of its delicious food. If you travel in the summer, stop by Putin (Fries, Cheesecakes & Gravy) or one of their 12-inch hot dogs at the pop-up Rocky's Dinner when it opens. When you are not exploring the local food scene, you can find treasures in the Aberfoil Antique Market. Nature lovers can hike during the day in the Rockwood Conservation Area or visit the scenic Elora George.

Guelph Castle
Best day to visit here ?

The winters in Guelph are very cold. If you plan to go out and explore, try the end of spring around April or May - the Balmyr temperatures are coming but prices are still lower than the hustle and bustle of summer.

Best places to stay ? 

Delta Hotels by Marriott Guelph Conference Centre

Delta is located in front of the prestigious University of Guelph. The eco-friendly property has a rainwater harvesting system that feeds the hotel’s edible gardens and a green ‘living roof’ that gives Gordon Street bird’s eye view. Guests can gain free access to the neighboring athletics club, Guelph, where they can swim and use fitness equipment.

Comfort Inn Guelph – Guelph, Canada

The cozy inn is located close to Guelph University as well as shops, parks and restaurants. The inn serves a delicious complementary breakfast every morning and has its own snack bar and outdoor barbecue area.

Comfort Inn

Staybridge Suites – Guelph, Canada

Guests at Stubridge Suites can choose from a plush room, studio or wardrobe - some have their own hot tub. Suites and studios come with a full kitchen, from where the store stores all the groceries and essentials you need.

Staybridge Suites

Western Hotel-Guelph, Canada

The Western Hotel and Executive Suites are located in the historic city center of 19th century Guelph. Guests will love the apartment, especially the cozy living and fully equipped kitchen.


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