Top 6 Cities Where You Can Explore The Ancient World

Some global cities have done a great job of preserving their antiquity and moving forward with confidence into the 21st century. For example, staying in a penthouse sea scene in Beirut makes it hard to believe that people have lived in this city for thousands of years. If you can't decide between crumbling palaces and ultra-modern cocktail bars, these destinations that combine old and new are for you.

Rome, Italy

As the Roman Empire's heart, the Italian capital has some of the world's most famous ancient relics.

Julius Caesar
Julius Caeser Tuileries

But at the same time, it vibrates with creative energy as a hub of fashion, art, and food. Go to the Colosseum and Largo de Torre Argentina. In this place, Julius Caesar has assassinated thousands of days ago and then eat melted ricotta ravioli at a smart restaurant before enjoying one of the many nightclubs in town.

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul tends to be portrayed as a city spanning two continents. Most notable is the way the town has piled up more naturally than anywhere else in the world and navigated throughout history. Istanbul, built by successor empires from Byzantium to Constantinople to modern Turkey, has been elevated to an instantly recognizable sky.

Ephesus Ancient Turkey
Ephesus Ancient Turkey

Hagia Sophia sits a short distance away from the Topkapi Palace of the Byzantine-era Hippodrome circus Ottoman Empire, in the core historical core. It contains artifacts, including the staff of Moses. All around, Istanbul is a modern city with high-end dining, galleries, and architecture that makes it one of the most important cultural centers in the world.

Beirut, Lebanon

The first thing you need to do after arriving in Beirut is to take a walk along the beach. Known as the Corniche, it is best seen at sunset, with birds perched on palm trees and sky-highs facing the Mediterranean Sea, a testament to the city's ancient history. Beirut is one of the world's oldest cities, with its luxurious Suk, ancient mosques, mosques, and palaces still an important part of the town. But at the same time, its upscale restaurants, rooftop bars, and exclusive clubs show off its creative and universal nature.

Fiji, Fiji

BC Archaeological excavations have revealed that the Fijian archipelago has been inhabited for thousands of years. No wonder it would have been so difficult to travel to these remote islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean at that time.

Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto has been Japan's imperial capital for over a thousand years and is one of the most beloved historic historical and cultural destinations in the country. 

kyoto japan

It has earned the monopoly of the 'City of Ten Thousand Temples', and unlike Tokyo, its buildings are low level and add to the slow and serene feel of the city. However, Kyoto is a university city with a bullet train and a fast-growing IT industry with its tea houses, gold shrines, and Japanese gardens.

Tehran, Iran

Tehran, a liberal residence in traditional Iran, is a secular city that is modern and well-designed, with a rich art scene and excellent food.

It would help if you tried dates here, perhaps not to mention the world's richest, melted tender lamb, vegetarian, kebabs, cheese, and olives. After eating your fill, head to Golston Palace, one of the oldest monuments in Tehran, and a brilliant example of the city’s rich history. The complete murals here tell a powerful visual story of the 1978 revolution in the country.


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