5 Best Destinations For History-lovers To Learn About History

Stand where King Harold Godwinson is thought to have been shot in the eye with an arrow or explore the dark and complex history of witch trials in Salem in the 17th century, with these top-ranked destinations for history according to global travellers.

The Battle of Hastings: Battle, England

The small civil church off the south coast of England became the site of the decisive Battle of Hastings in 1066.

castle fort

It was a clash between Anglo-Saxon King Harold Godwinson and the Duke of Normandy, and later William the Conqueror. Not surprisingly, Harold, who flew across England to fight William in a fight two days ago, left (accused of shooting an arrow through his eye). The main attractions are the new special exhibition, roof views throughout the city, sculptural trails, the battlefield and the city's Abe ruins.

The Reformation: Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Germany

This UNESCO German city is like an outdoor museum. It was named after Martin Luther, the revolutionary founder of Protestantism.

Castle Fortress Courtyard
Castle Fortress Courtyard

Most importantly, the historic site is probably Schloskirch (Castle Church). His first wooden pillars were nailed in 1517 by Luther, who began his renovation. St. Mary's Church, where Luther often preached, has the oldest building in Wittenberg. Colourful houses of Cobel Marktplatz, Whittenberg's oldest market square, with a beautiful 16th-century town hall and bronze statues of Luther.

The Salem Witch Trials: Salem, USA

Ever since the infamous witch trial in Salem in 1692, and the hanging of several local people accused of practising witchcraft, the city has been attracting tourists with its dark history.

old stone ancient

It also inspired playwright Arthur Miller to write his work, The Crucible. Salem is an extraordinary exploration of human nature based on experiments. Landmarks include the House of the Witches (the home of a judge at the 1692 trial) and the museum containing the antiquities of the trial. In October, the annual month-long Halloween party embraces Salem's terrifying historical heritage as 'Holman Hapings'.

Merchant, a renovated historic building in central Salem, is a luxury, boutique shop whose decor combines old with new. The wooden panels are painted in bright colours such as tea blue and burnt sienna, fireplaces and velvet, vintage furniture.

The American Civil War: Gettysburg, USA

Gettysburg, considered the most important battle of the American Civil War, was also bloody.

gettysberg pennsylvania

Nearly 51,000 people were injured in the three-day conflict in this small town, and millions of visitors came every year in an attempt to gain a true understanding of what happened here in 1863. You can walk alone on the battlefield, standing in the cemetery given the 'Gettysburg address', and imagine for the first time that both sides are advancing towards each other.

The Battle of Waterloo: Waterloo, Belgium

About 200 years ago, Napoleon surrendered his French army after meeting with Britain and the Prussian Alliance, led by Duke Wellington, near Brussels, Belgium. By the end of the battle, the famous British tight-lipped Exxbridge was an example of an exchange between Earl and Wellington; Walking along with Wellington, Oxbridge shouted, 'God, sir, I have lost my leg.'


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