Top 5 destinations for experience the FOLKLORE and MYTHOLOGY

Learning about myths and legends while traveling to a new destination is always fun, and according to global travelers, folklore lovers will love these historic destinations. All of this is immersed in their own unique myths.

Delphi, Greece

Delphi is known as the home of Pythia. Thanks to Pythagoras' popularity, the ancient Greeks proclaimed Delphi as the center of the world, as Zeus determined.

zeus statue

Delphi is not the center of the world today, but it is a World Heritage Site and one of Greece's most beautiful cities. Start your tour at the Apollo Sanctuary, the god of light, music, and prophecy, and then head to Castellian Spring, also known as Delphi Spring. This route is known as the Sacred Route and ends at the top of the Apollo Mountains.

Glastonbury, UK

Glastonbury's city is legendary in every sense of the word and has been named the mysterious capital of England. The Glastonbury Cross was believed to provide evidence that King Arthur actually existed. Unfortunately, local monks made contact with the Arthur area in an attempt to raise funds after the Glastonbury Abbey caught fire. But visitors can still check out Joseph Arimathea's regular flowering walking stick (known as the Holy Spike).


For those looking for more contemporary legends, the George Hotel and Pilgrims Inn, a Grade 1 listed building, originally built for visitors to Abby, are believed to be haunted by a ghost monk and his ex-girlfriend.

Varanasi, India

Not surprisingly, Varanasi has become so popular among pilgrims and pagan masters as the holiest city on the Holy River banks in India and one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world.

The Brahmanas

According to Hindu mythology, the river began to flow from heaven in time, at the exact moment when Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati walked on the land of Varanasi. Varanasi is the place where Krishna fought with his own Doppelganger and the place where Lord Rama repented after killing Ravana. Evidence of the significance of these myths can be found everywhere, from city architecture to street paper. To further explore Varanasi's history, folklore lovers should stay at the Brijrama Palace, a magnificent building considered to be one of the oldest structures in Varanasi.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Siam Reap, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is associated with the Five Towers Temple, Angkor Wat, and is adorned with ornate carvings depicting various Hindu mythology scenes.

Among the carvings include the Battle of Kurukshetra, where the gods and demons worked together to liberate life's immortality, only to fight each other to control it. One of the lesser-known temples is Wat Pri Prom Night. According to local legend, a monk started the temple who washed up on the beach after the ship sank. The wood of his boat was later carved into the city's famous Railing Buddha statue.

Castro, Chile

The Chile Archipelago is a collection of small islands off the Chilean Lake District coast, with a rich collection of myths and legends.

Costa castro cliff

Since the sea surrounds them, it means that the islands have their own ghost ship: Kaluche, which is believed to be an intelligent creature that can sail underwater. According to the aquatic theme: Pinkoya is a beautiful creature that lives in the sea, but always emerges to dance along the island's shores in a robe made of seaweed. Finally, The Trauco lives in a tree, and anyone has the power to fall in love with him.


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