5 Best Destinations For Those Who Love Cats

Cats, mark your calendar: August 8 is International Cat Day. Created in 2002 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare, the festival is a cat-loving celebration of cats around the world. But if you miss doing anything during the day, cats are celebrated throughout the year at these destinations.

Santorini, Greece

The largest of the small islands of the municipality of Santorini, the name is famous for its blue and white architecture. But start exploring, you will soon see that the island also has an attractive dog population.

Cat Lover

Cats are cared for by visitors and residents alike, and there are several organizations dedicated to helping their health and well-being. Also, if you fall in love with a small Santorini cat while on vacation, there are organizations out there that offer adoption facilities.

Aoshima, Japan

The small island of Ashima off the coast of Japan is only 1.6 km long and is heavily inhabited by cats. The island's cat population is six to one times larger than humans (although it should be noted that there are about 15 full - time residents on the island).

A group of cats were originally brought to the island to deal with rodents that plague the fishing community, and have since taken over the island with the gradual growth of their population each year.

Rome, Italy

They are not the only tourists visiting Rome - the city's stray cats also seek refuge in the city's many ancient ruins. In Largo de Torre, Argentina, in a square containing valuable remains of temples and the Pompeii Theater, there is a cat sanctuary called Torre Argentina.

Visitors to the Torrey Argentine Sanctuary will have the opportunity to learn about the ruined history. There are sanctuary facilities inside and outside of Italy so you can bring them home with you.

Houtong, Taiwan

Although it is a coal mining community, Hotong has been rediscovered as the destination of cat lovers. This remote village in northern Taiwan has more than 200 cats and the number of visitors is increasing every year.

houting street cats

For the best chance of recognizing these cats, head out of the village hub and walk along the river bank. Here, you will see the cats floating under the cats and along the boundaries of the aptly named ‘cat bridge’.

Istanbul, Turkey

During the Ottoman Empire, the sultans of Istanbul welcomed cats into the city, knowing that they would keep them free of worms. Over the years, street cats have become a part of recognition. Today, caring for these cats is in the hands of city dwellers, who provide them with food and water as they roam the neighborhood. If you want to stand up close and personal with some of these kittens, be sure to visit the Besikta neighborhood. Here, you are guaranteed to see a group of them playing in the neighboring rock garden.


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