8 Most Famous Eccentric Cultural Destinations in the World

There is no shortage of cultural tourist destinations, but what gives them something different? Here are the 8 ten destinations for alternative culture, from street art and witch markets to spiritual and yoga, according to global travellers.

Music in Austin, USA

'Keep Austin weird' is a slogan you see all over town. Not surprisingly, modern-day nominees and cultural hawks, who seek to encourage small businesses and designers, love the place so much. Sixth Street in Downtown Austin you will find all the street musicians and the March SXSW Music, Film and Technology Festival is a showcase of the city's welcoming, artistic culture. Throughout the year, Austin feels bitter and liberal with many more festivals, parties and good food.

Street Musician

Street art in Valparaíso, Chile

The port city of Valparaiso was once the home of Pablo Neruda, a Chilean national treasure. Combined with the brightly coloured architecture covered by murals and street art, this glorious connection has long attracted bohemian people. During the last week of each year, the city hosts drama, music and drama concerts, including fireworks and fresh seafood.

street art

Alternative healing in La Paz, Bolivia

La Paz, the Bolivian capital and the tallest city in the world, is a unique destination. Elevation, thanks to the omnipotent multi-coloured Peruvian traditional dress and Coca-Cola chewing gum, makes it a place that feels crazy and fun.

Then there is the witch market, where alternative healers line up to perform natural remedies, shamanic rituals and mind-body healing. It takes you a few hours to really explore all the stalls and shops covered with shelves, spelling books, hand-woven clothes and craftsmanship.

Mysticism in Glastonbury, UK

With a high street selling alternative healers, vegan-friendly restaurants and incense and occult literature, the town of Somerset in Glastonbury is not the centre of alternative culture during the World Famous Music Festival. It is a place deeply immersed in historical and occult sciences, attracting all kinds of pre-cultural groups.

Visit Glastonbury Tor, a tower on King Arthur's hill, and Glastenbury Abbey, the ruins where Arthur's remains are buried.

Yoga & spirituality in Varanasi, India

Varanasi is one of the oldest living cities in the world and one of the most revered places in India, both spiritually and culturally. It is located on the Holy River and is the spiritual abode of the Sadhus in India. Thus, the submerged mountain (on the banks of the river) is always filled with devotional Hindu baptism and baptism, as well as the funeral pyres where the remains of the holy river are cremated.

The smoke in front of the ancient, ocher-colored buildings, the view of the smoke through the warm air, the floral wreaths floating across the river are all the more magical at sunset or sunrise - morning and evening boat trips are very popular. Yoga, temples and museums.

Poetry in Konya, Turkey

For a truly alternative cultural experience, join the pilgrims on their way to Konya and visit the Sufi mystical tomb called Rufi. Rumi's book, one of the world's most-read and respected poets, revolves around love. His tomb is a deeply spiritual place, covered with embroidered gold cloth and spell murals.

turkey poetry

While you are here, be sure to check out a whirlwind performance (formerly known as Mewlew) whereby Sufi dancers roamed the same area for hours wearing white robes and fees (hats popularized during the Ottoman era). This dance is a form of meditation that aims to bring dancers closer to God.

Indigenous art in Alice Springs, Australia

Visit the small town of Alice Springs to access the ancient, ancient Red Rock Rock. You will be amazed at the history of over 30,000 years. There is plenty of alternative cultures to explore, from eccentric shops and markets to creative spaces like the Mbantua Gallery, where you will find a significant collection of local art.

Cat obsessions in Kuching, Malaysia

Kuching, the capital of the Sarawak region of Borneo, is passionate about cats. Feline statues can be found all over the city, there is a cat museum and the name of the city is derived from the Malay word for cats cushing.Other than that, it is a beautiful tropical city full of cultural attractions. The river area is an attractive river with views of food vendors, shops and palaces and a fort. Pick up some of the city's street art, go on a boat ride at sunset and finish the restaurant's dinner.


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