Top 6 most romantic destinations in CANADA

Canada's reputation for natural beauty requires no introduction and makes it a perfect backdrop for romantic romance. From Quebec to Alberta, these are the most romantic destinations in Canada.

Blue Mountains, Ontario

For those who enjoy a romantic ski vacation, Blue Mountains is one place where you can hone your powder skills. The Blue Mountain ski resort serves as a commercial hub in the city and one of the largest resorts in Ontario, with a ski score of 42.

Blue Mountains

Although identified primarily for slopes and snowfall, the vast area has its own little-known beauty; There is less of a quiet and touristy place than the neighbourhood near Collinwood with the calm lake views of the Georgian Bay. For an option to ski on the snow, go ahead and discover the beautiful apple country in Ontario - food lovers should try the Apple Pie Trail.

Saint-Sauveur-des-Monts, Québec

You will find the popular ski resort in Saint-Seoul-Des-Montes, located in the Laurentian Mountains. About 60 miles from Montreal, both city dwellers and day-trippers come here throughout the season.

Saint-Sauveur-des-Monts, Canada

The town is a bit small, but a trip to Mont Saint-Seoul will give you wide open pistols and spectacular views of the lower valley. For true romantics, night skiing is a great option - the pistols are quiet enough to slide down, and the bright lights in the distant Saint-Seoul create the perfect backdrop.

Québec City, Québec

The city of Quebec immediately feels romantic, with its rugged cobblestone streets, fairy tale spears, hashtags and low-light bistros, coinciding with the flow and flow of the natives. Interesting and historic, it is a city worth a walk - the 425-meter-long boardwalk Terrace Dufferin above the St. Lawrence River, before you finally pass Le Chew Frontenac; Amazing property that is said to be the most photographed hotel in the world. Have a sumptuous meal at Le Lapin Sauté, where you can sit on its bright terrace and enjoy a variety of rabbit-centric dishes.

Niagara on the Lake, Ontario

Although its waterfall often captures the headlines, nearby Niagara On Lake is the nir er brother and evokes romanticism in many ways. Full of old world beauty, this is a joke of Victorian homes on the streets with fragrant flower gardens every season.

Niagara on the Lake City

Pass the small shops on Queen Street in the city's heritage district. Before you get to one of the many restaurants nearby - try the C restaurant for upscale dining. If you own a car, explore the city's wine and vineyards that claim to be the best in Canada. Ravine Vineyard is beautiful with its white building and tasting options. Going further, you will reach the famous Niagara Falls. If you feel brave, take a trip to the wind cave 53 meters below Niagara Gorge, where you can experience the full thrust of the waterfall from the hurricane deck.

Magog-Orford, Québec

The city of Magog is located in the eastern city of Orford, bordering Lake Memframog and in the distance with Mount Orford. Fascinating and autumnal, its postcard appeal transcends all seasons but is a treat for autumn romance and treats you to a variety of roasted orange and red trees that frame the city and lake in a real toy style.

Mt Assiniboine

Although it is now considered a popular resort destination, do not let yourself be distracted - head to the nearby vineyards of Sep de Argent or Vignoble Camin de la Riviera. Another option is the Orford Express for dinner, where you walk across pale wheat fields and bridges over rivers.

Banff, Alberta

Pass through the gleaming shops and nightclubs. You will see Banff as its pure soul - the gateway to Canada's most scenic desert. 

Smack in the heart of Banff National Park, this is perfect for those looking to escape the love of nature while grabbing some basic luxury items. In the winter, ice skates over Lake Frost Lewis, and in the evenings on a wildlife safari, elks and bears overlook the grass above the Rockies Tower. 


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