5 most amazing mazes in the world you must travel at least once in your life

For thousands of years, boredom has left people confused and entertained; The only chance to miss out on a few hours is fun. Here are five of the most intriguing and infamous sophisticated socks in the world, from a carved Italian puzzle where Napoleon could not find his way to the historic Hampton Court socks built on the grounds of Henry VIII's mansion.

Longleat Maze, UK

At a distance of nearly 1.7 miles, Longleat holds the title for the world's longest hedge puzzle with 16,000 English U trees, high bridges, and a white observation tower. Created in 1757 by Lancelot'  Capabilities' Brown, one of England's most famous landscape architects, this massive liberty is built on 8,000 acres of garden heritage park.

The background is the home of Longleight, one of Regal Elizabeth's masterpieces of architecture, built-in 1580 by the same family. The current owner and 7th Mark of Bath, Alexander Thain, is well known for his eccentricity. The estate safari park as well as a few extra socks; Moon Labyrinth, Sun Socks, King Arthur Socks, and Love Labyrinth.

Hampton Court, UK

In the late 17th century, William III planted Hampton coat socks. It is located on the beautiful grounds of Hampton Field. The Holman Red Brick Tudor Amusement Park is known as the seat of Henry VIII and his wives.

Hampton Court

Located about half a mile from the puzzles you take in a circle and end up dead, this puzzle has been a nuisance to visitors for over 300 years; Almost everyone enters with a gong or attitude, but the occasional hole in the historic hedge (which has forced lost travelers to cross the center) is a testament to just how confusing it really is. 

In recent years, music, children's smiles, and silk skirt rust have echoed throughout the old Yu Hedge, adding great sound effects to enhance the experience and feeling of confusion.

Villa Pisani Labyrinth, Italy

Napoleon was unable to navigate this complex northern Italian puzzle, and according to rumors, Hitler and Mussolini were even afraid to enter. It was created in 1720 for the Venetian Dodge and was later renamed Villa Pizani. Rings of medieval roundabouts.

It's a confusing experience with countless dead corners and frighteningly high fences (impossible to peek up) but getting to the center is all worth it. Here, the winners are treated to a spectacular view of 18th-century palazzos, canals, and formal gardens; pass the goddess Minerva's statue and climb the double spiral stairs to the top of the small central tower.

The Peace Maze, Northern Ireland

The 2.7-acre, 2.7-acre site symbolizes peace in Northern Ireland and aims to sign the Good Friday agreement and celebrate the end of trouble.

It is one of the largest permanent sources in the world, but deliberately means less blocking than most; The height of the hedges is lower than usual to encourage interaction and collaboration between guests completing the table.

Dole Plantation Pineapple Maze, USA

Hawaii's pineapple puzzle, often described as the most comprehensive puzzle in the world, has won two Guinness World Records for being the largest country in the world. The orchard is located and designed in a pineapple shape, so it covers three acres and consists of a two-and-a-half-mile botanical puzzle.

Go to the center as fast as you can through the air smelling of hibiscus - those who complete the challenge will quickly display their names on the door.


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