5 Megacities You Must See In The World

The joy of fast traffic, the thousands of buzz and the electricity in the night sky: much can be said about visiting a new city. But we put things first. Experience the megalopolis - the worlds to themselves, these gigantic cities gather some of the fascinating attractions to see. 

Growing from the wonders of antiquity to modern skies' heights, these city centers are tiring and enjoyable, so make sure you are well prepared for a lifelong adventure.

Seoul, South Korea

The soul is a perfect blend of old and new, thinking ahead when it comes to deep traditionalism in terms of fashion and technology. Combining modern architecture with ancient pagodas, the city center has serene spaces such as a Buddhist temple and the oldest palace in the country.

Seoul is an attractive urban paradigm of parks, culture, and design, operating 24 hours a day, thanks to a world-famous subway system. While exploring one of the most glamorous cities globally, go for a K-pop or a movie - just for you.

Panoramic View of Seoul
Panoramic View of Seoul
Jakarta, Indonesia

The Indonesian capital, a crowded and chaotic cosmopolitan city, includes culture, food, shopping, and electric nightlife. Oh, and some crazy traffic in the world. From one neighborhood to another, Jakarta is a city different from the clear skies bordering the old churches and markets.

Get a feel for the city by exploring bohemian bars and modern clubs or take a shoulder-to-shoulder walk with the city's various attractions; From artists to accountants, Jakarta brings people of all walks to its streets.

View Of Jakarta
View Of Jakarta 

Tokyo, Japan

Neon lights, crowds of people, and a fast bullet train: Tokyo is the epitome of cities that never sleep. Full of modern hotels and exquisite food, Tokyo attracts tourists for future entertainment.

Everyone in Tokyo has something to offer, from the world's tallest Independence Tower to exploring centuries-old temple grounds and classical gardens. A fishing village, Tokyo has become one of the world's largest cities and a center of Japanese culture.

Tokyo Japan

Delhi, India

Delhi is a city where time stands still, but from the corner, you can not help but feel that the future is fast approaching and moving towards the modern day. Start your journey in Old Delhi, where you can explore a world of colorful spices carried in large sacks by local workers. Take the modern metro to New Delhi, where you can marvel at the architecture of the colonial era and enjoy refreshing drinks to control the heat.

One of the busiest cities in the world, Delhi has a larger population than the Australian continent, which means a lot of corruption, and this megapolis is a complex web of cultures, food and colonial history.

Taj Mahal India
Taj Mahal India

Shanghai, China

Shanghai, with a population of 24 million, was once a small fishing village. Today it expands to include an endless view of the skies as well as Zen-style gardens. Shanghai meets the cultural developments of many centuries ago. Experience a green space full of modern style, modern art and culture, and cozy food in small neighborhoods.

Whether Shanghai is a Michelin star restaurant or a hole in the wall, it is a city where cooking and sharing experiences, food culture speaks to the city's very soul. Discover this diverse and rich urban space that offers an endless menu of skylines, sounds, sights and unforgettable experiences.

Shanghai China Skyline


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