Top 7 Road Trip Destinations During The Holidays

Top 7 Road Trip Destinations During The Holidays

Odd Tours has always offered a rewarding way to explore and create memories in a new country. But today, with travel problems, it makes more sense to travel overseas than ever before. 
Here are seven road-trip destinations - Ireland, Portugal, Panama, Peru, France, Ecuador, and Italy for those of you reading this article.

  • Ecuador

Ecuador, the land of perpetual spring, is becoming an increasingly popular destination. It uses the US dollar as its currency, lowering the cost of living and welcoming foreigners from various communities. The coast, the mountains, and everything in between is a country with a variety of comfortable climates and light lifestyles. Ecuador is also a great,amazung and fantastic tourist destination.

  • Peru

Machu Picchu is home to the Inca Fortress in the mountains of Peru, a South American country. But there is much more to offer, from colonial cities and undiscovered beaches to modern capitals and quiet farming areas.

  • Panama

Panama is the southernmost country in Central America and borders Costa Rica and Colombia. The Pacific and Caribbean is home to miles of beaches, cold mountains, and country villages, and the modern capital is known for its bright skies.
Panama is so small that the distance is short, and you can quickly get around. The beautifully maintained Pan-American Highway is easy to navigate across the country.

Enjoying The Road Trip
Enjoying The Road Trip

  • Italy

Italy has a vast amount to offer tourists and residents alike. Lovely cities, seasonal mountain towns, snowy mountains, silly islands, countryside covered with vineyards, and beautiful beaches. 
Foreigners living in Italy say they love not only art, culture, attractive architecture, world-class food, and easy access to other Europe, but also the slow pace of life and the culture that prioritizes family and friends overwork. Make a list. This is the definition of the sweet life. It’s about being around yourself with the people you love, taking the time to enjoy even the simplest things - a delicate zucchini flower, a well-made cup of coffee, the feeling of sand between your fingers - and prioritizing the essential things in life.

  • Portugal

Longer than a radar destination, Portugal today attracts more and more Americans with its low cost, historic cities, hot weather, and an increasing variety of landscapes. Rich in culture, Portugal offers many adventures. Cross a river across the land of one of the best wine-growing areas in Portugal. See a Gothic church with 650 pounds of gold plating. Do not forget to visit the best-preserved Roman ruins in Portugal.  Or stretch along the sands of the Portuguese Riviera, on top of a mountain in a national forest, and embrace the romanticism of a beloved palace take award-winning wine, aged beef and fresh fish, and marvel at the variety of pastries and bread. Available in Aromatic Padaria and Pastaleria.

  • Southern France

International Life New South France Travelogue points to five places with good weather, friendly locals, and a good value to explore. Over the years, Steven Johnson and his wife, Johnny, have traveled throughout France, usually staying for about two weeks each week to find their exact resting place. 

Access to excellent food was a necessity, and the presence of a university was increasing.

  • Ireland

Due to Ireland's diverse and long history, rich culture, excellent food, dramatic landscapes, and widespread use of the English language, Spending seven days in the same area around hundreds of exciting cities and towns in Ireland is perfect. 
But getting a sense of the depth and breadth of Ireland can be done in a concise time. Thanks to the excellent train and bus systems in Ireland that travel mostly across the country.


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