Top 8 Interesting Facts You Should Know About London

Top 8 Interesting Facts You Should Know About London

The city of London is a global icon. You've seen it in the movies, you know Red Buses, Big Ben and small taxi cabs, but how well do you know the capital of England? 

These 8 fun tips will let you take a look.

There are 20 underground rivers.

If you want to dig into London's rocky plateau, you will find the lost rivers of the city. As the capital grew over the centuries, builders wanted to allow population growth. The swamps of the city fed the River Thames were slowly buried under streets and houses. 

London Underground Metro
London Underground Metro

While you may not find any dedicated tour of the London Underground Wetlands, you can see where a few like Romford and Brentford go to the surface.

Kiteless city

Despite Mary Poppins' encouragement, London is not really a flying kite. So much so that it was considered an offense from 1847, after which kites were permanently banned. Keep calm, you can't fly a kite, and London still has enough activity to keep you on the job.

Most famous Fab Cab

Britain Cabs
Britain Cabs

Requires thorough knowledge of the area, patience, and a license to become a cab driver. But London's qualifying column is much longer.
London cabs, which are facing one of the most infamous and difficult applications and approval processes for cab drivers in the world, should be tested for London knowledge, including knowing all the landmarks within 25,000 streets and 6 miles from Charing Cross. A London cab can truly say (and show the certificate as evidence!) That they know the city as if it were in the back of their hand.

Time depends on London.

Time is construction as they say, but it is not always so. Believe it or not, time telling began only in 1884.

Greenwich Park
Greenwich Park

Although there were months and years, there was no standardized, universally accepted time code. The setting of the Greenwich Mean Time by sailors changed that, and London quickly became the point of comparison with time zones around the world.

Multilingual humor

Are you looking to learn a new language? There are more than 250 different languages ​​spoken by Londoners, including Punjabi, Mandarin, and English. About 22% of Londoners say they still speak a second language. No matter where you are in the world, you have a good chance of finding someone to talk to in this multicultural Mecca. 

A crowded place with full of love

More than three million Londoners a day travel underground and even give birth to three women in tubes! One of those babies you've heard of - the American story show icon, Jerry Springer.

During a Luftwaffe raid in 1944, Springer's mother stayed at a Metro station and gave birth safely, despite better conditions.

Facts You Should Know About London

Being a city built on ruins

The history of London dates back to 43 AD. At that time, it was the Roman mouth "Londinium." 

Over the years, London was plagued by epidemics, fires, terrorist attacks, uprisings and civil wars, and several reconstructions. Sadly, some of the city's long-standing secrets seem to remain intact because archeological excavations in such densely-infested areas are so difficult.

The houses are for exhibition only.

London Suburb Houses
London Suburb Houses

If you've to pass through London and passing through Leinster Park, do not bother knocking on houses 23 and 24. 

Although they are connected to other houses in the city / street, all of those properties are used to cover the city's underground overflows and pipes. The space in the city center is very high.


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