Top 5 Places in Europe for your Babymoon

It is a growing tendency among parents to treat yourself to a relaxed and romantic outing before childbirth. So even if you were expecting your first child and you had a growing family, we found the top five cities in Europe for a magical baby trip.

Paris, France

If petting is on your baby's agenda, you should head to the Ritz Paris. With a swimming pool bordered by ivory white stripes, it is one of the most attractive places in the world to relieve stress.

Rejuvenate the face after applying a personalized full-body massage - expect your pregnancy glow to really shine.

paris france

Pučišća, Croatia

If you are looking for some serenity before the post-pregnancy confusion, Pusia is a sanctuary in the Adriatic, a small coastal town on the Croatian island of Bray. Slow island life means spending the afternoon navigating the shallow crystalline sea on a white, limestone bay. When you garnish, eat with local ingredients, including olive oil, crusty bread and fresh figs once you are ready to call it a day.


Sicily, Italy

For beach baboons with fantastic Mediterranean food, make it easy and let your partner walk around the island of Sicily, stopping at all the unique beach spots that carry your mind. Between your fingertips stall-clear sea or a beach nap, go to a local restaurant for a feast.

It is best to double-check with your waiter. Still, most cheeses across Italy are pregnancy-friendly - so get rid of those cravings and indulge in all the Parmigiano Reggiano, Pecorino, asiago and provolone you need (and don't forget don sorbet and gelato).


Copenhagen, Denmark

If the nest is your childhood favourite, Copenhagen may be the city for you. It is famous for the Danish and Norwegian word 'Hygge' for friendliness - and you can find welcoming restaurants and tears everywhere. 

Copenhagen, Denmark

Danes have some of the best butter pastries in the world, so be sure to order one; We recommend mouth-watering snags (spiral-shaped pastries with chocolate icing or cinnamon).

Barcelona, Spain

If you are looking for a babymoon that balances sightseeing with beach time, Barcelona is a great destination. Although surrounded by the sloping Serra de Colcerola range, the city is flat with very small cobblestones - a bonus for mothers who do not want to fight with mountains or uneven surfaces.

Chain Aviator Barcelona
Chain Aviator Barcelona
After a few hours of viewing and taking pictures at Gaud's Park Guel, soak up the sunshine on the caramel-coloured sand of the city's beaches.


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